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A Kingdom for Us All

A Kingdom for Us All (in spanish: Un Reino para Todos Nosotros) it's an upcoming 2024 mexican animated fantasy-adventure-drama feature film waiting to be released, it's directed by Miguel Ángel Uriegas (The Incredible Story of the Stone Boy and The Angel in the Clock) and produced by Fotosíntesis Media (A Costume for Nicolás).


Fran and his sister Serendin live in the Great Slum and dream to one day travel to The Kingdom, a paradise on earth sheltered behind huge walls. In order to get there, they need  to do something many have tried but just a few have succeeded: to smuggle on the Beast, a legendary creature that merchants use to transport goods to The Kingdom. When they finally decide to do it, an accident happens and Fran get separated from Serendín. Brother and sister will embark on an adventure to find each other and at the same time find themselves.


  • Alondra Hidalgo as Serendin
  • Alan Velázquez as Fran
  • Salvador Delgado as Damocles
  • Rebeca Manríquez as Maru
  • Blas García as Yuma
  • Moises Iván Mora as TBA




It is speculated to be released on 2024.