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Una Película de Huevos (2006)

A Movie of Eggs (Spanish: Una Película de Huevos) is a 2006 Mexican animated adventure-comedy film released on April 21. Produced by Huevocartoon Producciones the movie had a run time of 90 minutes and it was directed by the brothers Rodolfo and Gabriel Riva Palacio.


A egg named Toto dreams to become a great chicken, but he is separated from his mother and now with the help of another egg named Willy, a piece of bacon named Tocino and other friends he's determined to return home but the road will not be easy as they will be involved in endless obstacles.


A Movie of Eggs is followed by 2009's Another Eggs and A Chicken Movie


  • Bruno Bichir as Toto
  • Carlos Espejel as Bibi
  • Angélica Vale as Bibi
  • Rodolfo Riva Palacio as Coco, Cuache, Iguano, Rododendro and Huebond
  • Gabriel Riva Palacio as Sero, Confi, Torti and Gabrelle
  • Fernando Meza as Tlacua, Lagartijo and Ferdinand
  • Carlos Cobos as Huevito Afeminado
  • Rubén Moya as Cocodrilo
  • Humberto Vélez as Huevo de Chocolate
  • Blas García as Huevo Líder
  • Gaby Torres as Clara
  • Irwin Daayán as Fefe, Gogo and Vendedor