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A Short Vision Title Card

A Short Vision is a 1956 British animated film written and directed by Peter Foldes and his wife, Joan. It is narrated by James McKechnie. The short is often seen as depicting the complete annihilation of the Earth and all life on it.. It was distributed by the British Film Institute by way of the Experimental Film fund.


One night, an unidentified object flies over a nameless land, being only referred to as "it". When the object flies over the mountains and fields, the predators look up from their prey, and both hide in fear. The people, however, are all asleep when it flies over the city. Only the leaders and wise men look up when they see it, but it is too late. The thing creates a mushroom cloud, which destroys all living things on Earth. The only thing left is a small flame, which a moth flies around and then promptly is destroyed too. The flame dies.