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A Wizard's Tale

Here Comes the Grump Movie or A Wizard's Tale (Spanish: Ahí Viene Cascarrabias or Ahí Viene Cascarrabias: La Película) is a 2018 mexican-american-english CGI comedy-adventure-fantasy animated movie based on the 1969's series Here Comes the Grump with a run time of 97 minutes.


Spanish Cast[]

  • José Antonio Toledano as Terry Dexter
  • Camila Sodi as Princess Dawn
  • Ricardo Tejedo as Grimm/Grump
  • Mauricio Barrientos "El Diablito" as GP Sparrow
  • Angela Villanueva as Old Mary Dexter
  • Luis Daniel Ramírez as Dingo and Bip
  • Cristina Hernández as Mary Dexter
  • Andrés Couturier as Grumpies
  • Alfonso Ramírez as Chancellor Woodblock
  • Yolanda Vidal as Nanny Bear
  • Cony Madera as Fashion Manager
  • Miguel Ángel Ghigliazza as Caveman
  • Pedro D'Aguilón Jr. as Mitch
  • Carlos Segundo as Oracle
  • Herman López as Doctor CJ
  • Dan Osorio as Prime Pine
  • Jorge Roig Jr. as Tenoch
  • Juan Antonio Edwards as Omette
  • José Luis Miranda as Toby

English Cast[]

  • Toby Kebbell as Terry Dexter
  • Lily Collins as Princess Dawn
  • Ian McShane as Grimm/Grump
  • Keith Wickhan as GP Sparrow
  • David Holt as Bip, Dingo and Mitch
  • Emma Tate as Old Mary Dexter and Nanny Bear
  • Amy Thompson as Mary Dexter, Old Woman and Whispering Orchids
  • Jay Britton as Grumpies, Caveman and Thelonious
  • Andres Williams as Chancellor Woodblock
  • Claire Morgan as Fashion Manager
  • Paul Tylak as Oracle, Balloon Herald 2 and Red Bird
  • Darren Altman as Robert
  • Inel Tomlinson as Prime Pine, Air Doll and Generic Ballon 1
  • Ed Gaughan as Omette, Christmas Tree 3 and Hobo
  • John Hasler as Amusement Park Dad and Beefeater 3
  • Rasmus Hardiker as Balloon Herald 1 and Prince Charming
  • Matther Bloxman as Christmas Tree 2 and Generic Balloon 3
  • Fred Grey as Royal Guard 2, Singing Map and Taxman
  • Alexander Cobb as Toby's Dad, Yellow Wizard and Additional Crowd
  • Alana Ramsey and Sophie Aldred as Additional Crowd