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El Agente 00 P2 (2009)

Agent Macaw: Shaken & Stirred (Spanish: El Agente 00-P2) is an animated 2009 mexican adventure-comedy-spy film. The movie it was produced by Ánima Estudios, directed by Andrés Couturier and which had a running time of 97 minutes.


The story focus on Tambo Macaw a fat red macaw who wants to be a secret agent, until he is mistakenly assigned a mission to escort an important female doctor named Molly because she is being pursued by a secret organisation that plans to freeze the planet by means of a formula.


  • Jaime Camil as Tambo Macaw
  • Dulce María as Dra. Molly Cocatu
  • Silvia Pinal as Mamá Osa
  • Luis Alfonso Mendoza as Jacinto Tortugo
  • Mario Castañeda as Gino Tuttifrutti, Gorila, Pato Policía and Dr. Curry
  • José Lavat as Yunque
  • Arturo Mercado as Dr. Brócoli
  • Raúl Anaya as General Panzer
  • Rogelio Guerra as Jefe Lipo
  • Guillermo Coria as Mayor Leo