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Aladdin is a character from One Thousand and One Nights, a famous frame story in which the wife of a murderous Sultan tells her husband stories with endings that keep him wanting to hear more. What happens next in the narrative for example. She does so as the Sultan has killed all his previous wives. It takes One Thousand and One Nights of her doing this for him to over come his murderous desires and cherish her as his love. Aladdin in these stories she tells the Sultan is a man from China tasked by a sorcerer with finding a lamp only to be betrayed and as part of a caravan latter travel to the middle east where he marries a royal's daughter and acquires a Kingdom stretching from Bagdad to the Maghreb after confronting the sorcerer who betrayed him years ago.

Feature Films[]

  • Aladdin, a 1992 musical adventure produced by Disney.
  • The Return of Jafar, the 1994 sequel to the 1992 Disney film.

TV Shows[]

  • Aladdin (TV series), a 1994 animated series based on Disney's feature film of the same name. It takes place after The Return of Jafar which is the sequel to that original film.


  • The Adventures of Prince Achmed, a 1926 German paper cut-out stop motion animated feature length film in which Aladdin is one of the characters. His story intersecting with that of Prince Achmed when Aladdin goes to the Magreb (Wakwak in the film) to rescue his betrothed- Achmed's sister Dinarsade.