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Alice and the Dog Catcher is a short in the Alice Comedies series. It was published on July 1, 1924 and has a run time of roughly 12 minutes. It stands out in the series as having the most live action footage and for racial overtones.


The film opens up by telling us that ever Saturday Alice hosts a meeting of the Secret Klub of the Klix Klax. Apparently the name isn't one they've always had as the kids shortly after the name reveal hold up three K's with a question mark. The club consists of herself, four white boys, a dog, and their black friend. The club has been formed to combat the local dog catcher which they believe is selling strays to the sausage factory. Alice believes this because of a dream she had where upon cartoon dogs where captured, put into labor, and then should they try to escape a death chamber to be made into sausage. Due to this she believes the dogs should be freed. The kids take action upon the dog catcher and their dog frees the other dogs. While the catchers chase after the escaped strays Alice, her black friend, and the chubby kid steal the car which is eventually ran off the road during a chase.



  • Virginia Davis as Alice
  • Leon Holmes as Tubby Kid
  • Spec O'Donnell as Freckled Boy

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