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Alma short film by rodrigo blaas

Alma is a short film produced by Rodrigo Blaas, a former Pixar employee. The film was released on June 14, 2009 at the Palm Springs ShortFest.


On a cold and snowy day in Barcelona, a little girl comes wandering down a lonely street. Encountering a random chalkboard inscribed with the countless given names of various children, she then innocently includes her own name, spelling Alma. Before continuing her stroll, Alma is captivated by a gloomy toy store filled with countless of dolls upon the shelves. She takes notice of a doll physically identical to her on display in the front window that resembles the mouth of a monster. Curious, she tries to enter the shop to inspect and retrieve it for herself only to learn that the door is locked. Assuming the shop is closed, Alma begins to walk away, only for the door to mysteriously open. Seeing this Alma returns and enters the store which is eerily deserted.

When Alma walks towards the shelves to retrieve the doll, she nearly steps on a small toy of a boy riding a bicycle. The toy peddles across the floor past Alma and heads towards the exit but the door closes before the toy can escape. As Alma starts to climb a shelf to reach the doll, she doesn't notice the other dolls around her begin to watch with moving eyes. The moment she touches the replica doll of herself, she suddenly finds herself looking at the shop below from the doll's perspective, and on the shelf among all the other toys.

It is revealed that Alma's body and soul has been consumed and transferred into that of the doll, thus becoming one with it. Unable to move and virtually trapped, Alma looks around and notices all of the other dolls whose eyes blink helplessly back at her. A different doll is immediately raised to the shop's display window, most likely bearing a resemblance to another child, implying that the cycle will continue to lure another victim into the shop.

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  • Alma means Soul in the Spanish language.