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Alpha and Omega 2010 film poster

Alpha and Omega is a 2010 CGI animated feature length film produced by Crest Animation Productions, and released to theaters by Lionsgate. The film, which has a run time of 88, was first shown at the Toronto International Film Festival on September the 8th, 2010 before it's theatrical release on the 17th.


Characters and Voice Cast[]

Main Characters[]

  • Kate (Hayden Panettiere)
  • Humphrey (Justin Long) - Humphrey is a kind and loyal Omega wolf whose job is to keep peace in the Western Pack. He does so with a group consisting of himself, Salty, Mooch, and Shakey. The group occasionally eats berries though only for the buzz of fermented fruit. He ends up, after being abducted with Kate and sent to another park by well meaning Humans, falling in love with an Alpha which in his society is forbidden based on the social order established.

Supporting Characters[]

Minor Characters[]

  • Reba and Janice (Christine Lakin and Marilyn Tokuda) - It's not clear in the film which is which but these two wolves are mostly presented as an on going gag with only one line; "Stop the insanity! Go organic!" which is said in unison. The line makes no real sense in the context of when it's said (the two packs about to fight over hunting rights and meat being organic) but it's presented as a kind of protest. Reba and Janice are vegetarian wolves who feed exclusively on berries. They are often accompanied by two squirrels they've befriended at some point.
  • Shakey - Shakey is a puphood friend of Humphrey's and a peacekeeper of the Western Pack or rather was a peacekeeper. He abandoned the fight between the two packs in order to join Reba and Janice. He'd been caught eating flowers prior and has had a crush on the two for a while. Rather than fight for his pack he was inspired by the little protest the two made and left to be with them.

Related Works[]

Alpha and Omega is the first in a series of animated films, being followed by Alpha and Omega: A Howl-iday Adventure. Other's in the series include Alpha and Omega: The Great Wolf Games, Alpha and Omega: The Legend of the Saw Tooth Cave, and Alpha and Omega: Family Vacation.


The film was directed by Anthony Bell and Ben Gluck, starring the voices of Justin Long, Hayden Panettiere, Dennis Hopper, Danny Glover and Christina Ricci. It is based on a story by Steve Moore and Ben Gluck.

The film was dedicated to Dennis Hopper upon it's release, being his last performance.



The film received mixed to negative reactions yet managed to be a box office success that spawned a devoted fan base which allowed for a franchise to be viable, and successful. It is currently the highest grossing film released by Lionsgate.


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