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Angry Birds Stella aka Angry Birds Stella Toons is an animated series whose first seasons takes place before the events in a game of the same name that was produced by Rovio. The first episode aired on November 4, 2014.










Handsome Pig


Angry Birds Stella spans two seasons with the game it was based on having been canceled in that game's second installment.

Season One[]

  1. Fork in Our Friendship - Stella and her friends go for a hike but Gale decides to go along a different path both physically and in life.
  2. Bad Princess - The flock combat a Pig Lumbering Operation only for Stella to discover the true source of the deforestation.
  3. The Golden Egg - Gale begins her quest for the Golden Egg that has the power to turn anything it touches into material wealth.
  4. Rock On - With the gong broken Poppy must search for another instrument.
  5. The Runaway - Not wanting to take a bath little Luca runs off to live with the Pigs after seeing them play in mud as he likes to do. While welcomed by Gale he soon finds things not to his liking.
  6. All That Glitters - While questing for the Golden Egg Gale becomes lost in some underground caverns and it's up to the rest of the Flock to save her.
  7. Pig Power - Dahlia has a construction project in mind but the rest of the Flock isn't up to helping her build a bridge so she takes on the appearance of Gale in order to recruit the Pigs.
  8. Own the Sky - Stella creates a hand glider to counter the complete flightless status of her species but discovers she has an unease around heights that only becomes worse after wrecking the glider.
  9. The Prankster - Poppy begins to take her pranks a bit too far.
  10. Piggy Love - Handsome Pig imagines himself as Gale's romantic interest while Gale searches for the Golden Egg among jungle ruins.
  11. Portrait - After a pig presents a poor quality Portrait of Gale to her Gale has the pigs abduct her old friend Willow to paint a better portrait.
  12. Don't Steal my Birthday - Upset at not being invited to Stella's Birthday Party Gale decides to come uninvited and make the event all about her considerably extravagant contribution to the celebration in an attempt to remind the others of the moments they shared together. Jealousy rears it's ugly head and becomes something worse when Willow gives Stella something that was not Willow's to give.
  13. To the Bitter End - Gale has the pigs dig into an active volcano as she searches for a fabled Golden Egg but gets stranded inside with Stella. The two gradually begin to work together but the expedition ends poorly.

Season Two[]

  1. New Day - Mourning the lose of Gale Stella sneaks one of Gale's pig minions into the roost so they may both work through the lose but the pigs get the idea of making Stella their new Queen.
  2. Friends Whenever - Gale returns battered and burned without a crown and requests to be taken home to the roost. Handsome Pig complies and searches for the crown while Gale adjusts to life back at the roost.
  3. Night of the Bling - While Trick or Tweeting Stella and her friends encounter a Bling Pig Zombie Master with the power to turn even birds into Zombie Bling Pigs!
  4. Step It Up -
  5. Camp Scary -
  6. It's Mine -
  7. Royal Pains -
  8. The Storm -
  9. The Golden Queen - Having been through many attempts Gale at last obtains a Golden Egg.
  10. Gilded Cage - The pigs rejoice in the Egg's wealth giving power until Gale use's it's magic on one of them. Handsome Pig attempts to take the Egg from Gale for the sake of Pigdom.
  11. Premonition -
  12. Last Bird Standing -
  13. You Asked For It -

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