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Atomic Betty is an Animated Canadian-French Science Fiction TV series published in 2004 by Atomic Cartoons, Breakthrough Films & Television, and Tele Images Kids. Atomic Betty originally aired on Teletoon (a Canadian channel) on August 29, 2004 with the last episode airing on August 4, 2008. The series follows Betty Barrett, an adolescent fan of science fiction who dreams about going to outer space. One day, she discovers that she is an alien/human hybrid and a Galactic Guardian; a peacekeeping law enforcer in the galaxy.


Elizabeth "Betty" Barrett is a daydreaming youth living in Moose Jaw Heights (a fictional suburb of Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan; Canada) who dreams about living in the galaxy. One day, Betty discovers she's a member of the Galactic Guardians, when she finds out she's an alien. Together with her pilot Sparky, and Robot X-5 she defends the galaxy from the Overlord Maximus I.Q., and other galactic supervillains, when her dreams finally comes true. Despite becoming a superstar in the galaxy she remains rather unassuming on Earth. Each episode features a new crisis for Atomic Betty to handle.




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  6. Atomic Roger
  7. Bye-Bye X-5
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  9. The Ghost Ship of Aberderfifa | When Worlds Collide
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  20. Revenge of Masticula

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Notes on the Setting[]

In the Episode 'The Future Is Now!" Elizabeth and Noah travel to the future on Betty's birthday and arrive in the year 2013 to discover a dystopia where a seventeen year old Elizabeth fights as part of a resistance group. Betty is 12 in the show, which means the show takes place in the year 2008 or more specifically that the present year of that episode is 2008 prior to traveling into the future of 2013.

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