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Atomic Puppet is an animated series produced by Mercury Filmworks, Technicolor Entertainment Services France SAS and Gaumont Animation. In it the superhero Captain Atomic suffers a setback when, as he is shaking hands in Mega City with 12-year-old fanboy Joey Felt, his disgruntled sidekick, Sub-Atomic, transforms him into a powerless puppet. The suddenly not-so-super superhero quickly realizes that the only way he can regain his former powers is to team up with the boy, a dream come true for Joey, but not so much for Captain Atomic. Together, the two form an unlikely and awkward partnership that allows them to become the city's newest superhero duo known as Atomic Puppet and Nuclear Boy. The series is currently on it's first season and began airing on the 18th of July in the year 2010.



  1. Sick Day / AP vs Disastro