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Aztec Batman: Clash of Empires (in Spanish: Batman Azteca: Choque de Imperios) it's an upcoming streaming 2024 mexican-american superhero action animated feature film waiting to be released on Max, it's directed by Juan Meza-León and produced by Ánima, DC Entertainment, Particular Crowd, Warner Bros. Animation and Chatrone.


In the time of the Aztec Empire, Yohualli Coatl - a young Aztec boy - experiences tragedy when his father and village leader, Toltecatzin, is murdered by Spanish Conquistadors. Yohualli escapes to Tenochtitlan to warn King Moctezuma and his high priest, Yoka, of imminent danger. Using the temple of Tzinacan, the bat god, as a lair, Yohualli trains with his mentor and assistant, Acatzin, developing equipment and weaponry to confront the Spaniard invasion, protect Moctezuma's temple, and avenge his father's death.


  • Horacio Rojas as Yohualli Coatl/Batman
  • Omar Chaparro as Yoka/Joker
  • Álvaro Morte as Hernán Cortés/Two-Face
  • José Carlos Illanes as Pedro de Alvarado



The movie will had a streaming release on the Max platform in some point of 2024.