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Battle for Terra

Battle for Terra is a 2007 computer animated Science Fiction feature film by Aristomenis Tsirbas, who conceived it as a live action production with computer animated backgrounds. Battle for Terra primarily takes place on an alien world where a peaceful civilization faces destruction at the hands of Human colonization. It has a run time of 90 minutes, and was first shown at the Torronto Film Festival on August 8, 2007. It was released to theaters in the US on May 1, 2009.



  • Evan Rachel Wood as Mala
  • Brian Cox as General Hemmer
  • Luke Wilson as Jim Stanton
  • David Cross as Giddy
  • Justin Long as Senn
  • Amanda Peet as Maria Montez
  • Dennis Quaid as Roven
  • Chris Evans as Stewart Stanton
  • James Garner as Doron
  • Danny Glover as President Chen
  • Mark Hamill as Elder Orin
  • Tiffany Brevard as Singer Soloist
  • Danny Trejo as Elder Berum
  • Phil LaMarr as Fabric Merchant
  • Laraine Newman as Toy Merchant
  • Ron Perlman as Elder Vorin



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