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Catalina la Catrina Especial Día de Muertos

Catalina the Catrina: Day of the Dead Special (or in spanish Catalina la Catrina: Especial Día de Muertos) is a 2021 mexican animated TV special released on October 29 for the Day of the Deads festivities in México, it was produced by Ikartoons and released between Canal 5 and the Blim TV streaming service.

Directed by Edino Israel this is the most newest mexican cartoon center during this holiday (after ¡Long Live the Death!, The Legend of Nahuala, The Legend of the Crying Woman and Salma's Big Wish).


Catalina lives in the underworld and dreams of being an agent that connects the living with their deceased relatives. When the Day of the Dead is in danger of never being celebrated again, she must break all the rules to rescue the bread of the dead and the hot chocolate of this wonderful tradition.


  • Jessica Ángeles as Catalina
  • Alan Ituriel as Granujo
  • Iván Fernández as Chilaquil
  • Erick Padilla as Joven Acosta
  • Antonio Henaine as Hombre Fernández
  • María Leticia González as Abuela Ponce de León
  • Patricio Pinet as Niño Calaca
  • Zoe Salgado as Niña Calaca
  • Karen Acosta as Doña Esperanza
  • Benjamín Flores as Calaca
  • Carlos Reynoso as Narrador