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Clone High is a High School Comedic Drama series published for MTV in the 2000s decade. The show serves as a parody of High School Drama tropes amid a setting where upon famous people from History have been cloned, given to foster families, and asigned to attend a school called 'Clone High'. The main three characters are the clones of Abraham Lincoln, Joan D'Arc, and Cleopatra who serve as the focals of a love triangle that generates a complex 'will they' bit of suspense. To help with funding the school a reality TV contract has been agreed upon by the administrative staff and thus serves as explanation of how the audiance recieves episodes of Clone High.


Clone High aired 13 episodes between November 2, 2002 and April 13, 2003 with each episode lasting 22 to 23 minutes.


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Related Series[]

Clone High is related to the live action series 'Scrubs' through the 'Nameless Janitor' who appears in a number of episodes. John Dorian, a main character in Scrubs, owns a Clone High T-Shirt which is presumably merchandise related to the reality TV show.


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