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Clutch Cargo is a television series produced by Cambia Productions that ran from from March 9, 1959 to later that same year. At the time it was a surprise hit, and could be seen on 65 different stations nationwide in the year 1960.


Adventurer Clutch Cargo is sent around the world on dangerous assignments. Accompanying him on these assignments are his young ward Spinner and his pet dachshund, Paddlefoot.


Clutch Cargo -"a writer and pilot with a muscular build, white hair and rugged good looks".

Paddlefoot -

Spinner -

Swampy -


  1. The Friendly Head Hunters
  2. The Arctic Bird Giant
  3. The Desert Queen
  4. The Pearl Pirates
  5. The Vanishing Gold
  6. The Race Car Mystery
  7. The Rocket Riot
  8. Mystery in the Northwoods
  9. Twaddle in Africa
  10. The Lost Plateau
  11. The Ghost Ship
  12. The Rustlers
  13. The Missing Train
  14. The Devil Bird
  15. Pipeline to Danger
  16. Mister Abominable
  17. Operation Moon Beam
  18. Air Race
  19. The Haunted Castle
  20. The Elephant-Nappers
  21. Dragon Fly
  22. Sky Circus
  23. The Midget Submarine
  24. Cliff Dwellers
  25. Jungle Train
  26. Space Station
  27. The Swamp Swindlers
  28. The Dinky Incas
  29. Kangaroo Express
  30. The Shipwreckers
  31. The Ivory Counterfeiters
  32. Dynamite Fury
  33. Alaskan Pilot
  34. Swiss Mystery
  35. Pirate Isle
  36. Crop Dusters
  37. The Smog Smuggler
  38. Global Test Flight
  39. Dead End Gulch
  40. The Missing Mermaid
  41. Flying Bus
  42. Road Race
  43. Feather Fuddle
  44. Water Wizards
  45. The Terrible Tiger
  46. The Circus
  47. Bush Pilots
  48. Cheddar Cheaters
  49. The Blunderbird
  50. The Case of Ripcord Van Winkle
  51. Fortune Cookie Caper
  52. Big "X"

Voice Cast[]

Clutch Cargo was voiced by radio actor Richard Cotting. Margaret Kerry, who provided the movement for Tinker Bell in Disney's Peter Pan, gives voice to Spinner, and Paddlefoot. Hal Smith, who voiced Owl in Disney's Winnie the Pooh, voices Swampy, as well as various other characters.

Production, and Distribution[]

Clutch Cargo is produced by use of Synco-Vox animation. It has been released on DVD by BCI Eclipse in two twenty-six episode volumes.