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Colonel Heeza Liar Foils The Enemy is a 1915 World War One short film featuring Colonel Heeza Liar. The short was produced by Bray Studios.


The film starts off with Colonel Heeza Liar alone in a ruined urban scape being tossed around by exploding projectiles as he makes his way to the trenches. There he stumbles over a Frenchmen who beraits him before the Colonel produces papers to confirm his identity. After a discussion between the two is ended by an exploding projectile the colonel loads himself into a cannon and is fired behind enemy lines right into the buttocks of a German officer.

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Colonel Heeza Liar Foils The Enemy (French Titletts)


  • The German Officer bears a striking resemblance to Adolf Hitler as he was during the 1st World War though it's unlikely meant to be Hitler as he wasn't a famous figure during the first world war. Still the resemblance makes the short additionally humorous to the modern audience. As to does the fact that the ruined urbanscape resembles a painting created by Hitler during his service in the Bavarian Army.