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Commando Duck is a 1944 WWII era Animation which sees Donald Duck see front line service on the Pacific front.


Donald is briefed on his mission to take out a Japanese airfield in the Pacific. He's to paratroop in at 06:00 on Position D4, then proceed down the inland river towards the Japanese airfield in a ravine 800 yards below the falls at the end of the river at Position F8 where he is to surround and wipe them out. Successfully landing and avoiding the native fauna Donald begins his journey down the river and soon comes under fire from Japanese snipers. Narrowing escaping he doesn't notice how close to the water fall he is till it's nearly too late to avoid a drop. Thinking fast Donald uses a rope to secure a point on the river side and begins to pull his way towards safety, but his plan is ended when a Japanese sniper shoots the rope sending Donald over the edge. Donald's raft snags on a branch and begins to fill up with water and expand. Avoiding drowning he begins to outrun the ever expanding raft now filled with a great sum of water till it bursts sending a flood of water rushing down the ravine. Seeking to out run it Donald find himself facing a sheer drop down to the Japanese Airfield- rather then risk the leap he turns and faces his certain doom proudly but a rock hurled by the water hits the log he is on sending him hurling out of harms way as the Japanese Airfield is flooded and destroyed. Donald then begins writing his mission report in which he declares the enemy to have been 'Washed Out'.

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Commando Duck

Related Works[]

Donald Duck continues as a character to this day but this animation specifically follows a era that sees Donald go from a civilian to a soldier in World War II. The chronology of this story line begins with the "The Spirit of 43" where Donald so conflicted over the new war time taxes comes to the conclusion that if he doesn't save for taxes the Nazis will win. The next is "Der Fuhrer's Face" in which Donald has a nightmare about civilian life in Germany and awakes overjoyed to find that he continues to live in the USA. It then goes into "Donald Gets Drafted". What follows then are various shorts concerning his life in Boot Camp; such as "Sky Trooper" where under the supervision of his Drill Sergeant Pete Donald receives Paratrooper training. Training he then uses during the deployment of "Commando Duck". The last part of this chronology is Home Defense where, now back to civilian life, Donald enrolls his nephews in helping to listen for incoming enemy air squadrons.