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Dino-Riders is a animated TV series produced to promote the Dino-Rider Tyco Toyline. The series ran 14 episodes from October 1, 1988, to December 23, that same year.


The series focuses on the battle between the good Valorians and evil Rulons on prehistoric Earth, The Valorians were a super human race, whilst the Rulons were a mixture of humanoid creatures — both of which came from the future but ended up on Earth during the age of Dinosaurs. Once on Earth, the Valorians befriended dinosaurs whilst the Rulons resort to mind control devices to dominate them.



  1. The Adventure Begins
  2. Revenge of the Rulons
  3. The Rulon Stampede
  4. The Blue Skies of Earth
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Notes on the Setting[]

The Valorians are stated in Episode One as being part of 'the Alliance'. The Rulons are from the 'Rulon Empire'. Both factions identify what Dinosuars are and realize they've been transported back in time. Due to the Rulon's appearance being similar to Earth creatures such as Sharks and Snakes it's been speculated that both the Rulons and Valorians originated on Earth or that their ancestors originated on Earth.

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