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Dinosaucers is a Canadian-American Animated TV series. The series ran a total of 65 episodes in one year from the 14th of September to the 11 of December in the year of 1987. The series was originally intended to prelude the sale of a toyline that was in it's prototype stage of development yet the toyline never came to be as despite the show being prolific it was cancelled and with the cancellation of the show came the cancellation of the toyline.


Four teenagers stumble upon the landing of an alien craft that is crewed by a group of anthropomorphic dinosaurs called the Dinosaucers who warn of an incoming invasion by another group; the Tyrannos. The teenagers agree to be the Dinosaurcers' Secret Scouts on the look out for the invasion. When the Tyrannos arrive the two factions conduct a war of skirmishes for the planet; one seeking to establish a foothold for invasion and the other to prevent such in the hopes of peaceful relations between the two worlds.




Episodes by Airdate[]

  1. Dinosaur Valley -
  2. Take Us out to the Ball Game
  3. Happy Egg Day to You!
  4. Hooray for Hollywood!
  5. Divide and Conquer
  6. A Real Super Hero
  7. Burgers Up!
  8. Be Prepared
  9. That Shrinking Feeling
  10. Rockin' Reptiles
  11. Sleeping Booty
  12. The First Snow
  13. Trick or Cheat
  14. Defective Defector
  15. For the Love of Teryx
  16. A Man's Best Friend is His Dogasaurus
  17. Carnivore in Rio
  18. Frozen Fur Balls
  19. Hook, Line, and Stinker
  20. The Prehistoric Purge
  21. The Truth About Dragons
  22. Chariots of the Dinosaucers
  23. Eggs Mark the Spot
  24. Mommy Dino-Dearest
  25. The Whale's Song
  26. Inquiring Minds
  27. War of the Worlds... II
  28. Beach Blanket Bonehead
  29. The Bone Ranger and Bronto
  30. Cindersaurus
  31. Trouble in Paradise
  32. Monday Night Clawball
  33. Age of Aquariums
  34. Scents of Wonder
  35. Fine-Feathered Friends
  36. Allo and Cos-Stego Meet the Abominable Snowman
  37. The Quack-Up of Quackpot
  38. It's an Archaeopteryx - It's a Plane - It's Thunder-Lizard
  39. Teacher's Pest
  40. Dino-Chips
  41. The Heart and Sole of Bigfoot
  42. Karatesaurus Wrecks
  43. Lochs and Bay Gulls
  44. The Trojan Horseasaurus
  45. We're Off to See the Lizard
  46. Seeing Purple
  47. There's No Such Thing as Stego-Claws
  48. Applesaucers
  49. Reduced for Clarence
  50. Attack of the Fur Balls
  51. Dinosaur Dundy
  52. Those Reptilon Nights - In the style of a Noir Detective story Tricero returns to Reptilon to assist his old police department 'The Reptilon Police' in solving the theft of the Maltese Pterodactyl, which had been stolen before in a case he solved.
  53. The Dinolympics
  54. Sara Had a Little Lambeosaurus
  55. Beauty and the Bonehead
  56. The Museum of Natural Humans
  57. Saber-Tooth or Consequences
  58. Camp Tyranno
  59. The Babysitter
  60. Toy-Ranno Store Wars
  61. The T-Bone's Stakes
  62. Scales of Justice
  63. I Got Those 'Ol Reptilon Blues Again, Mommasaur
  64. I Was a Teenage Human
  65. The Friend





  • Teryx - Teryx is the only female in the group and an evolved Archaeopteryx.
  • Tricero - Tricero is an anthropomorphic triceratops. He use to be a police officer in the Reptilon Police Department before becoming a Dinosaucer [E52].

Secret Scouts[]




Notes on the Setting[]

The two rival groups come from the planet Reptilon which is in counter-Earth orbit. The main technological rivalry between these two factions comes in the power to 'devolve'- which causes an individual to take on a more dinosaur or saurian form. The Dinosaurcers have the power to use such an ability on themselves while retaining intellect and speech while their rivals, the Tyrannos can not and have turned the same technology into a weapon of war capable of devolving what ever it hits reducing the target to an animal state. This pattern stays consistent in the series; while the Dinosaurcers use technology for utility and defense the Tyrannos use it for offensive purposes.The Tyrannos even possess a 'Fossilizer' capable of turning the target to stone but such technology came from a third faction of felines (resembling Sabertooth Cats) that use to inhabit the home world of Reptilon. In the past the Dinosaurcers and Tyrannos had fought together against this common foe and drove them into space. The episode 'Chariot of the Dinosaucers' has a statement that one Reptilonian visited Earth during the reign of Pharaoh Khufu more then 5000 years ago (being in counter Earth orbit Reptilon years are the same length as those of Earth). Khufu's reign ended in 2566 BC with the Pyramids being completed in 2560 BCE after about 10 or 15 years of construction giving the current year of the show to be between 2425 to 2440 AD at least.

Broadcast History[]

Coca-Cola Telecommunications (via Syndication) - 1987

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