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Eagle and Jaguar The Legendary Warriors

Eagle and Jaguar: The Legendary Warriors (or Águila y Jaguar: Los Guerreros Legendarios in spanish) it's a 2022 mexican animated adventure-fantasy, post-apocaliptic film produced by Kooltoon Entertainment, it was released on September 29 and is directed by Mike R. Ortiz.


In a post-apocalyptic future in which water has almost disappeared, two young survivors travel back in time to find the mythical power of the prehispanic God of water, and so be able to create the vital resource. However, when they arrive at the present they discover that the power is in the hands of an unscrupulous businessman who had always wanted to monopolize water and who knows everything about prehispanic myths. The Aztaya brotherhood, a group of heroes, successors from the legendary Aztec and Mayan warriors, will begin the adventure to prevent the villain's plan and help the travelers to change their sad future, teaming up to fight the powerful enemy and his dark allies. To win, the heroes will have to awake the greatest warriors of Aztec and Mayan mythology: The Eagle and the Jaguar.


  • Franco Escamilla as Yalo
  • José Eduardo Derbez as Ik
  • Romina Marroquín as Xanat
  • Roberto Plazuelos as Axio
  • Eduardo España as Dr. Exper
  • Edgar Vivar as Abuelito Quizán
  • Yurem Rojas as Cobin
  • Javier Lacroix as Don Controlio
  • Daniela Basso as Yuli
  • Juan Carlos Tinoco as Maestro Aztaya
  • Raúl Aldana as Acui/Fuegui
  • Omar Chaparro as Legendario Tzilcao