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Eric W

Eric W. Schwarts (full Eric Williams Schwartz; born November 27, 1971, in Dayton, Ohio, USA) is a freelance animator. Eric created the webcomic series 'Sabrina Online' where characters such as Amy the Squirrel, Sabrina the Skunkette (title character), Clarisse Cat, and others where introduced. Eric took his art to another level by using the Amiga Operating System to bring animation to his creations from 1989 until 1997. Like the comics Eric's artstyle resembles that of the Animaniacs with a more sensual female design. While his animation at times deals with mature situations and humor it never enters graphic territory, using the situations for humor as opposed to arousal. These situations chiefly revolve around unwanted attention, oblivious to interest in a character, or two characters trying to hook up or have a pleasing date only to be interrupted or hindered for a time. The animations are short and the comedy is recieved even without previous experiences with the webcomic. Eric voiced his own animations.

Animation Technique[]

Eric exclusively used the Amiga Operating System to produce his animation (how that works here)

Animation List[]