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Bold the English Name/Translated name of the picture (Lang:Title in native language) then go on to describe the year it was released, and add additional details. Provide an image on the right of the page of either a screen shot, promotional or theatrical poster.


Provide a summary of the film's plot.


Talk about the production, perhaps the film experimented with a new technique, or was postponed due to some major event. When describing this you may need to cite your sources. [1] To cite a source simply put a number embraced by two brackets, like so. [#]


How was the work received? Did it cause some controversy at the time of release?

Awards, and Honors[]

Any awards? List them here along with the year, and place, they were awarded.

Viewing Link(s)[]

Provide a link for free viewing. ON the condition that such material is not pornographic in nature.

Film Name+Link (Native Language)

Film Name+Link (Native Language, English Subtitles)

Film Name+Link (English Release)

Wiki Link[]

Is their a wiki devoted to this work of animation? If so provide a link to that community.

Source Links[]

Here place your citations in a numbered list. The number being the same as the number given for the citation.

  1. Name of Source+Link to Source