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Fernando Ruiz

Fernando Ruiz Álvarez, was a Mexican film director, specialized in animation, he worked as a dubbing actor in the mid 1970's for CINSA, in series such as Los ángeles de Charlie, and in Mexican animated films such as Los 3 reyes magos and El pequeño ladronzuelo.

Since he was 8 years old he was interested in animation, he began to study in 1959 everything related to this genre, taking courses at Walt Disney studios, in 1976 he made what is considered the first animated film made in México, Los 3 Reyes Magos.


A Mexican animator who graduated from the Universidad Iberoamericana and later from the University of California, he created the company Producciones Omega in 1961, where he made Tin tan's El duende y yo, which mixed animation and live action. Ruiz also had the opportunity to work on Disney's The Sword in the Stone. Los tres Reyes Magos was the first Mexican animated feature film and was directed by Fernando Ruiz and Adolfo Torres Portillo based on an idea by Rosario Castellanos. It was released in 1976 after two years of work. Three years later, UNICEF invited Ruiz to create one of the ten parts of the series The Ten Rights of the Child. Not content with this, the Mexican animator developed the project for an animated series: La oruga Pepina. Unfortunately he had problems with the scriptwriter and the work was finished in Spain by the animators Santiago and José Luis Moro under the name Katy, la oruga in 1981.