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Final Faction is a 2020 animated science fiction TV series created by Elizabeth Schwartz and J.D. Schwartz.


In the year 2050, after an asteroid damages Earth's moon, an ancient hibernating alien mothership is found among the debris- the race inhabiting it awakens and begins raiding Earth for its resources. An elite team of special operatives is dispatched to fight them off.


Season 1[]

  1. Earn That Cookie


''Final Faction'' is an animated series produced by retailer Dollar Tree as an in-house brand debuting in 2020. The debut aligned with release of the Final Faction toy line exclusive to Dollar Tree retail outlets.


Final Faction's toy line is a Dollar Tree exclusive. It features Alpha Team 1 action figures and those for the aliens. Accessory packs of weapons and gear are also available with the division of such items (the accessories from the figures) helping to maintain the low retail price (1$ for each) available at the outlet.

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