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Frankelda's Book of Spooks

Frankelda's Book of Spooks (Spanish: Los Sustos Ocultos de Frankelda) is a Mexican stop motion animated television series created by brothers Arturo and Roy Ambriz Rendón and produced by the animation studio Cinema Fantasma for Cartoon Network Latin America and HBO Max.


Frankelda, a mysterious ghostwriter, tells tales of terror with the assistance of her grumpy enchanted book Herneval, primarily focused on children encountering supernatural entities such as gnomes, witches, sirens and the Coco collectively known as "Scares", that rely on human fear to survive. Trapped in the consciousness of a sentient haunted house for 150 years, telling stories allows the two an opportunity to gradually regain their strength and make an escape plan, though with the obstacle of the house itself waking up.


Frankelda's Book of Spooks was initially pitched as a small web series with a four minute pilot episode being released in 2019 on the Cartoon Network YouTube channel, inspired by Tales from the Crypt and The Storyteller. When the series was backed by HBO Max as part of their larger initiative to develop 100 projects in Latin America, the Ambriz brothers expanded the scope of the project into something more dramatic with musical numbers. 122 puppets and 42 sets were created for the series.

While the series has yet to be released outside Latin America and a second season has yet to be greenlit, the series is being positioned as a "calling card" for Cinema Fantasma, with the Ambriz brothers describing Frankelda's extended backstory as offering enough depth as a hook for potential later seasons or a movie. A spinoff exploring the backstory of Herneval was announced at the Pixelatl 2022 festival, titled "Frankelda y el Príncipe de los Sustos".