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Growing Up Creepie

Growing Up Creepie is an American animated TV show.


The show's premise is revealed through the visuals of it's opening. Creepie was left on the doorstep of the Creecher House as a baby. The inhabitants where not Human though, just insects and the chiefs among them (Vincent the Mosquito and Caroleena the Mantis) decided to raise her. However as she got older and curious about the world outside the house they decided it was best for her to integrate into Human society. The show follows Creepella "Creepie" Creecher in her attempts at fitting in while attending Middlington Middle School.


Main Cast[]

  • Creepella "Creepie" Creecher
  • Budge
  • Chris-Alice

Creecher Residence[]

  • Caroleena - Creepie's mantis adoptive mother who governs the Creecher House with a firm but gentle appendage. She and Vincent the Mosquito have been a couple since before finding Creepie. The two treat the insects of the house as family with Caroleena being chiefly interested in dining etiquette. She struggles with what Creepie calls an insatiable hunger and lives as one who is conscious about her figure. She mostly feeds on larva such as caterpillars and is on a "no friends or family diet" according to Creepie. [Episode 1 "The Tell-Tale Poem"] She goes on 'health walks' to stay in shape but it's really an excuse for her to get out of the house if the struggle becomes taxing.
  • Vincent Creecher - Caroleena's husband is Vincent, who doesn't drink blood despite being a mosquito (male mosquito's don't). He does a lot of meditation and sciency tinkering. The home has been in his family for many years and some time in the past he began to date Caroleena who apparently was a lot worse back then but she changed for him. It wasn't a sudden change, and isn't totally complete but Caroleena tries for love's sake and with various anniversaries of their union she's been doing well for years.
  • Polly
  • Gnat


Each episode of Growing Up Creepie consists of two roughly ten minute long segments telling independent narratives with each of these segments ending in a brief 'Bug Bite' where Creepie shares with the audience some fact usually pertaining to a bug.

Notes on the Setting[]

The show takes place in and around the fictional town of Middlington. The short called "Field of Screams" establishes that the show takes place in the year 2006.

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