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Guardians of the Lost Code (Spanish: Brijes) is a 2010 mexican action-adventure-comedy movie released on September 16 (at the same tame as Heroes Verdaderos), it was directed by Benito Fernández and its the first mexican animated film to had a release on 3D screens. Also this is the first movie produced by a new mexican animation company and they had a run time of 89 minutes.


A group of three kids must decipher an ancient codex that formed an alliance between humans and magical creatures called brijes, before darkness wins and the entire world is engulfed by darkness.


  • José Antonio Toledano as Freddy
  • Alondra Hidalgo as Atzi
  • Miguel Calderón as Kimo
  • José Luis Orozco as Elmer
  • Ricardo Tejedo as Garras
  • Alejandro Orozco as Zejas
  • Carlos Espejel as Puas
  • Verania Ortiz as Mudita
  • Ángel García as Escamas
  • Edgar Vivar as Zompul Balam
  • Laura Torres as Umbra Cameo
  • Rosalba Sotelo as Tetzin
  • Héctor Emmanuel Gómez as Hopper
  • Karla Falcon as Bri
  • Oscar Flores as Cloko