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Hammerman is an American cartoon hosted by the rapper MC Hammer and produced by DiC Entertainment. It ran for one season of thirteen 23 minute episodes which aired in the year 1991.


Youth Center worker Stanley Burrell (MC Hammer's real name) is gifted with two magical dancing shoes by an elderly man named Gramps who was in his younger years was the superhero Soulman. This shoes give Stanley the power to become Hammerman, a superhero who goes on to handle various social issues, deliver life lessons, and combat an array of villains using his musical powers with the occasional back up by two unnamed vocalist likely connected to the shoes (as a pair of shoes consists of two).


  1. "Defeated Graffiti" - 1991 September 7 - Written by Reed Shelly and Bruce Shelly - In this episode Hammerman and the Oaktown Rec Center Kids take on Graffiti that's defacing the neighborhood.
  2. "Winnie's Winner"
  3. "Rapoleon"
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The show was produced by DiC Entertainment and Bust It Productions, Inc.

Broadcast History[]

Hammerman originally aired on ABC in the year 1991 from the 7th of September to the 7th of December.