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Hercules (1998 TV series)

Hercules: The Animated Series (aired simply as Disney's Hercules) is a Saturday Morning series that came as an offshot of Disney's Hercules. The series aired on for one season spaning 65 episodes from August 30, 1998 to March 1, 1999.


The series follows teenage Hercules training as a hero, as well as trying to adjust to life. With his free-spirited friend Icarus, his future-seeing friend Cassandra, and his teacher Philoctetes ("Phil"), he battles his evil uncle Hades. Like all teenagers though, Hercules has to worry about peer pressure when the snobbish prince Adonis ridicules him. The series notably contradicts several events in the original film and is not considered canon.



Related Works[]

Hercules (feature film) inspired this production.

Hercules: Hero to Zero (Prequel to the feature film)



James Wood won an Emmy for Outstanding Performing in an Animated Program his role as Hades in the year 2000

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