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Hotel Transylvania Poster 2012

Hotel Transylvania is an Animated American comedy film released to theaters in 2012. The film is followed by 2015's Hotel Transylvania 2.


Following the murder of his wife by an angry human mob Dracula commissions the construction of a safe haven for the monsters of the world which will serve as a safe place to raise his daughter Mavis.

By present day (2012 at the time of the films release) Mavis will be celebrating her 118th Birthday. After overseeing the arrival of guests for the party Dracula is reminded by his daughter of a promise he made to allow her to leave the Hotel on her 118th Birthday. Fearful that his daughter will meet a similar fate to his wife Dracula deceives Mavis with a fake town and an angry mob consisting of Zombies in Human costumes. Mavis returns apologizing for ever doubting her father's word on what Humans are capable of. Feeling secure Dracula continues overseeing the arrival of guests when to his surprise a Human, Johnathan, walks into the Hotel.

Dracula instantly confronts and conceals Johnathan's presence and discovers that the fake town and zombies inadvertently lead Johnathan to the Hotel. Not wanting to cause panic at the Hotel being compromise Dracula disguises Johnathan and begins to escort him out of the hotel but is interrupted by Mavis who is curious about the new guest. As other guests encounter Johnathan they find his youthfulness refreshing. Unable to get Johnathan out unnoticed Dracula becomes worried. Eventually the chef discovers that Johnathan is a Human and abducts him with the intent of cooking him. Dracula intervenes and makes another attempt to get Johnathan out of the Hotel- this time explaining why he built the Hotel and the fate of Mavis's mother. Johnathan understands and decides to leave on his own but Dracula convinces him to stay for the party since Mavis really likes him and it is her 118th year.

The party is a great success till Mavis kisses Johnathan causing Dracula to react in a way that reveals the village to have been a fraud and leads to Johnathan being found out. Johnathan, having head of what happened to Mavis's mother and not wanting her to come for him decides to play up the role of an 'evil human' and leaves in a fashion to scares the guests. Fearful for their own safety the majority begin to leave in masses. Meanwhile Mavis and Dracula have a conversation where Mavis expresses her affection for Johnathan. She lets Dracula read the present that her mother left her for her 118th year- it's a book on how Dracula and her mother met and encouraging her daughter to find someone just as special.

Dracula feels remorse for having caused her heart to be broken and sets about to make things right by first assuring his guests and explaining the full truth of the situation. Dracula and his closest friends, Frankenstien's Monster, the Wolfman, and the Invisible Man then set out to find Johnathan and explain things to him and bring him back to the Hotel. Once Dracula appologises Johnathan is returned to expresses his true feelings for Mavis the party resumes



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