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Hotel Transylvania 2 poster

Hotel Transylvania 2 is the 2015 sequel to 2012's Hotel Transylvania.


Some time after the events of the first film, Mavis and Johnny are finally married, with the approval of her father Count Dracula. A year after the wedding, Mavis reveals to Drac that she is pregnant and later gives birth to a baby boy whom the couple name Dennis, nicknamed “Dennisovitch” by Dracula.

As Dennis's fifth birthday nears, he has yet to grow his fangs and Drac worries that his grandson might not gain vampire powers. Noticing the potential dangers her son might face living in Transylvania, Mavis starts to consider moving to Johnny's hometown in California in order to give Dennis a more “normal” childhood, much to Drac's disapproval. Drac tells Johnny (who does not want to leave the hotel either) to bring Mavis to California to visit his parents, Mike and Linda, but to make sure to keep her distracted so that she will not move, leaving Dracula to "babysit" Dennis.

Convinced that Dennis is a "late fanger", Drac enlists his friends Frank, Wayne, Griffin, Murray, and Blobby to help train Dennis to become a monster, but every attempt that they try fails. Drac and the gang then go to Camp Winnepacaca, Drac's childhood summer camp, only to sneak away after Drac finds out that the camp has become much safer. Drac attempts to hurl Dennis from a tall, unstable tower to pressure the boy's transformation into a bat, but he does not transform and Drac flies down and rescues him at the last second.

Meanwhile, in California, Mavis enjoys exploring the more human world. When the couple arrive at Mike and Linda's house, Linda unsuccessfully attempts to make Mavis feel more comfortable by covering her room with spooky, Halloween decorations and inviting other monster/human couples over. Feeling like a stranger, Mavis retreats up to the roof, and Johnny tells her that if they stay together, Dennis will live normally, persuading her to stay at the hotel. However, Johnny then discovers a video of Dennis falling that was filmed by the campers, and he and a furious Mavis go back to Transylvania, with Drac and his friends reaching the hotel at the same time. Mavis confronts her father for putting Dennis in grave danger and failing to accept him as a human, and says that they will move out of the hotel after Dennis's birthday party.

The night before the party, Drac hosts Johnny's family, and finds out that Mavis invited his father Vlad. As Vlad is more hateful of humans than he was, Drac tells Johnny to have his family disguise themselves as monsters. The next day, Vlad arrives with his monstrous bat-like servant Bela, and meets Dennis for the first time. Vlad believes that fear will cause Dennis' fangs to sprout and possesses a stage performer dressed as Dennis' favorite TV monster Kakie to scare him, but Drac shields his frightened grandson at the last moment, breaks Vlad's hold over the performer. Mavis finds out that Drac planned the ruse, and while the family argues about whether or not Dennis can be happy in California, he sadly flees the hotel and enters the forest with Wayne and Wanda's daughter Winnie, who has a crush on him, in tow.

Irritated with Vlad, Johnny and his family expose themselves, and Vlad is outraged that Drac has accepted humans. Upon hearing that Dennis is a human, Bela attacks him and Winnie in their treehouse. When Bela injures Winnie and threatens to destroy the hotel, Dennis's anger causes him to instantly grow his fangs and develop his vampire abilities, and he bashes up Bela. A furious but defeated Bela calls his giant-bat minions, but Drac, Johnny, Mavis, Dennis, and the rest of the monsters team up to defeat Bela's minions and drive them away, while Bela is shrunk by Vlad, who has been won over by Drac's claim that humans now coexist peacefully. With Dennis finally embracing his vampire abilities, Johnny and Mavis decide to continue raising him in Transylvania, and they resume the party with his friends and family.