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Huevocartoon is a Mexican multimedia entertainment brand founded in November 2001 by Gabriel and Rodolfo Riva Palacio Alatriste, Carlos Zepeda Chehaibar, and Rodolfo Riva Palacio Velasco.



  • Huevos: Little Rooster Egg-Cellent Adventure (August 20, 2015)
  • Martians vs. Mexicans (March 9, 2018)
  • Little Eggs: An African Rescue (August 12, 2021)
  • Frozen Eggs (December 14, 2022)
  • Gungo and the Caveman Olympics (2025)
  • Alebrijes (2026)
  • Confi's Journey (2027)


For a long time Huevocartoon was conceived as one of the best studios in the Mexican animation industry, but after the release of Marcianos vs. Mexicanos (Martians vs. Mexicans), the quality of the company began to deteriorate, and many fans have begun to repudiate the humour it currently manages.

But long before the aforementioned film, the internet shorts already showed a low quality in terms of story and animation (this noticeable change occurred since 2013), not to mention that after the director confirmed that Un Gallo con Muchos Huevos (Huevos: Little Rooster Egg-cellent Adventure) is a soft reboot to the 2 previous films (so these new installments have no relation whatsoever); but also the recently released series Los Lopeggs (The Lopeggs) has been rejected by the Mexican audience as a plagiarism of series like The Simpsons, Family Guy and a copy paste of their only adult film due to the repetitive jokes and unfunny storylines.

All this for going with an American and foreign audience, completely forgetting its roots and devoting itself to computer animation.

Not to mention that Rodolfo Riva Palacio in a live commentary commented that he might remove his short films that include double entendre jokes from his YouTube channel, as well as dedicate himself to producing live action content (probably for the whole family) and thus making it known that they were tamed by the glass generation.