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Imaginum (2005)

Imaginum is a 2005 animated mexican sci-fi-comedy film directed by Alberto Mar and Isaac Sandoval. This movie was produced by Ánima Estudios and they had a run time of 81 minutes released on August 19.


A boy named Dante meets a alien trio where they will be stop an evil intergalictic parasite named Yxxxxx who plans to conquer the earth absorbing a kind of energy that children possess known as Imaginum


  • Giovanni Florido as Dante Naranja
  • Eugenio Derbez as Yxxxxx
  • Ilse Olivo as Elisa Naranja
  • Luis Fernando Orozco as Rocco Naranja
  • Vadhir Derbez as Chuletas
  • Rubén Trujillo as Justo Naranja
  • Tania Ma. Gutiérrez as Tania Naranja
  • Álex Perea as Diego
  • Jesús Barrero as Sovos
  • Luis Daniel Ramírez as Rovor
  • Gabriel Cobayassi as Tovot