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Jabberjaw is a 1970s animated TV show made for saturday mornings by Joe Ruby, and Ken Spears. The show was produced by Hanna-Barbera Productions, and aired from September 11, 1976 to September 3, 1978. The show came about during the shark mania that followed such films as Jaws.


Jabberjaw is a 15 foot Great White Shark, and drummer for The Neptunes, a band of four teenagers who live in an undersea civilization in the year 2076. They travel to various underwater cities where they encounter, and deal with various villians who have set out to rule the undersea world.



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  • Biff (Tommy Cook) - Athletic Guitarist, and level headed leader who books the band's gigs.
  • Bubbles (Julie McWhirter) - Keyboardist, who is a little dimwitted, but has a cute laugh.
  • Clamhead (Barry Gordon) - Jabberjaw's best friend, and the band's bass player.
  • Jabberjaw (Frank Welker) - An air-breathing anthropomorphic Great White Shark who is drummer of The Neptunes. He often has to deal with Shark Ejectors (robots who make sure sharks do not enter the cities). This constant harassment lead to his catch phrase; "No respect! I get no respect!" a phrase borrowed from the late comedian Rodney Dagerfield. Jabberjaw's mannerism is much like Curely Howard of the Three Stoogies.
  • Shelly (Patricia Parris) - The bands Tambourine player. She is intelligent, and a bit abrasive, and holds contempt for Jabberjaw, though she does have slight fondness. She tends to get annoyed at Bubbles idiocy.

Crossovers, and Other Appearances[]

In Other Media[]

A musical tribute to the series was created by the band Pain. The song is also named Jabberjaw.



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