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In September of 1972, this spin-off series of Josie and the Pussy Cats premiered on CBS. It maintains the characters from the original series, as well as adds a fluffy alien creature, named Bleep, adopted by Melody. The series ran from September 8, 1972 to December 23 of the same year.

How did they get in space, what happened?[]

The opening sequence reveals that the band was taking a photoshoot at the helm of a new rocket. However, Alexandra tried to knock Josie out of the shot, which resulted in the entire band falling into the cockpit. Melody attempted to catch her self by grasping for a lever which started the launch sequence propelling them into the depths of space. Not familiar with the controls they become lost. Every episode centers on the Pussycats encountering a strange new world, where they encounter, and are often kidnapped by various alien races before escaping, and attempting to return home.



Sixteen Episodes

Original Intro

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Episode Title | Air Date | Production Code | Summery

  1. Where's Josie? | September 9, 1972 | 60-1 | Finding themselves lost in space aboard a space ship, the Pussycats land on planetoid Zelc and encounter a creature named Bleep. At the same time, Josie is kidnapped by an alien named Karnak, a deposed ruler who is intent on reconquering the populace of Zelc.
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  8. The Space Pirates | October 28, 1972 | 60-8 | The Pussycat's ship is seized by robot space pirates under the command of Captain Braggo. Braggo intends to use the ship as a vessel in his pirate fleet to loot and plunder ships and planets he comes across.
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  15. Outer Space Ark | December 16, 1972 | 60-15 | The group thwarts a power plot by the mad scientist Arkapus, who by means of a sonic transmitter has trained the local animals for conquest.
  16. Warrior Woman of Amazonia | December 30, 1972 | 60-16 | Josie and the gang see flashes and decide to head toward them, only to be captured by Merla and her Amazon warriors on a planet where only women may rule. Merla then uses mind control rings to add the girls to her army, and it's up to Alexander and Alan to escape, and free them as well.

Related Series[]

Josie and the Pussy Cats in Outer Space is a spin-off sequel series of Josie and the Pussy Cats.

Other Appearances[]

The Rocket Ship is among the various lost ships of the Bermuda Tetrahedron in Futurama Season 8, Episode 8 "Möbius Dick". This is further note worthy by Futurama's inclusion of a planet called Amazonia, which is the setting of the last episode of this show.