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Katri, Girl of the Meadows (Japanese: 牧場の少女カトリ Makiba no Shōjo Katori) is an anime series based on the novel Paimen, Piika Ja Emäntä by Finish author Auni Nuolivaara. The show was produced by Nippon Animation, and aired 49 episodes on Fuji TV from January 8, 1984 to December 23 of the same year.


It's been three years since little Katri's mother left for Germany leaving her daughter behind in Finland, where she now lives with her grandparents. With Finland still under Russian domination, the inhabitants of these lands have had little or no news from the outside and no one knows if little Katri will again see her mother. To make matters worse, things on Katri's grandparents' farm are not going well, the harvest had been a small one, their only cow had been killed by a bear, and the family confronts great monetary problems. Katri wants to help, and finds work in a neighboring farm; for a girl of hardly nine years of age the work of a farm is hard, and tiring even with all of her enthusiasm, and good moods, which is what keeps her standing.


Episodes List[]

01 "Goodbyes"

Transcription: "Wakare" (Japanese: 別れ)

8 January 1984
02 "Friends"

Transcription: "Tomodachi" (Japanese: 友だち)

15 January 1984
03 "Spring Storm"

Transcription: "Haru no arashi" (Japanese: 春のあらし)

22 January 1984
04 "Decision"

Transcription: "Ketsui" (Japanese: 決意)

29 January 1984
05 "Time of Separation"

Transcription: "Shuppatsu" (Japanese: 出発)

5 February 1984
06 "The Master"

Transcription: "Shujin" (Japanese: 主人)

12 February 1984
07 "The Madam"

Transcription: "Okusama" (Japanese: 奥様)

19 February 1984
08 "The Accident"

Transcription: "Sainan" (Japanese: 災難)

26 February 1984
09 "Affection"

Transcription: "Aijō" (Japanese: 愛情)

4 March 1984
10 "The Promise"

Transcription: "Yakusoku" (Japanese: 約束)

11 March 1984
11 "The Fight"

Transcription: "Kenka" (Japanese: 喧嘩)

18 March 1984
12 "The Letter"

Transcription: "Tegami" (Japanese: 手紙)

25 March 1984
13 "A Wonderful Present"

Transcription: "Sutekina Okurimono" (Japanese: 素敵な贈物)

1 April 1984
14 "My First Invitation"

Transcription: "Hajimete no Shōtai" (Japanese: はじめての招待)

8 April 1984
15 "An Unexpected Payment"

Transcription: "Omoigakenai Okyūryō" (Japanese: おもいがけないお給料)

15 April 1984
16 "The Little Lost Lamb"

Transcription: "Maigo ni Natta Hitsuji" (Japanese: 迷子になった羊)

22 April 1984
17 "Day of the extermination of wolves"

Transcription: "Ookami wo Taijisuru Hi" (Japanese: 狼を退治する日)

29 April 1984
18 "Two Fires"

Transcription: "Futatsu no Kaji" (Japanese: 二つの火事)

6 May 1984
19 "Room Mate"

Transcription: "Tonaridoushi" (Japanese: 隣どうし)

13 May 1984
20 "Incoming person, outgoing person"

Transcription: "Kita Hito to Saru Hito" (Japanese: 来た人と去る人)

20 May 1984
21 "Abel targetted"

Transcription: "Aberu ga Nerawareta" (Japanese: アベルが狙われた)

27 May 1984
22 "While waiting for spring"

Transcription: "Haru wo Machinagara" (Japanese: 春を待ちながら)

3 June 1984
23 "The bear and the cattle, which one is stronger"

Transcription: "Kuma to Ushi wa dochira ga Tsuyoi ka" (Japanese: 熊と牛はどちらが強いか)

17 June 1984
24 "A meeting and a parting"

Transcription: "Deai to Wakare" (Japanese: 出会いと別れ)

24 June 1984
25 "Event at the Island"

Transcription: "Shima de no Dekigoto" (Japanese: 島での出来事)

1 July 1984
26 "The person who saved us"

Transcription: "Tasuketekureta Hito" (Japanese: 助けてくれた人)

8 July 1984
27 "Growing City"

Transcription: "Tokai Sodachi" (Japanese: 都会育ち)

15 July 1984
28 "New Life"

Transcription: "Atarashii Seikatsu" (Japanese: 新しい生活)

21 July 1984
29 "Seeing dreams"

Transcription: "Yume wo Mite ita" (Japanese: 夢を見ていた)

28 July 1984
30 "Like a majestic swan"

Transcription: "Utsukushii Hakuchō no You ni" (Japanese: 美しい白鳥のように)

12 August 1984
31 "Book delivered by mail"

Transcription: "Hon ga Okurarete Kita" (Japanese: 本が送られて来た)

19 August 1984
32 "Magical book and the devil"

Transcription: "Mahō no Hon to Akuma" (Japanese: 魔法の本と悪魔)

26 August 1984
33 "Joy and sadness"

Transcription: "Yorokobi to Kanashimi" (Japanese: 喜びと悲しみ)

2 September 1984
34 "Going to Helsinki"

Transcription: "Herushinki Yuki" (Japanese: ヘルシンキ行き)

9 September 1984
35 "Father and Daughter"

Transcription: "Chichi to Musume" (Japanese: 父と娘)

16 September 1984
36 "The Big Decision"

Transcription: "Okusama no Ketsui" (Japanese: 奥様の決意)

23 September 1984
37 "Abel ashtray"

Transcription: "Maigo no Aberu" (Japanese: 迷子のアベル)

30 September 1984
38 "Every Road"

Transcription: "Sorezore no Michi" (Japanese: それぞれの道)

7 October 1984
39 "Party at Harma's mansion"

Transcription: "Haruma Yashiki no Pāti" (Japanese: ハルマ屋敷のパーティ)

14 October 1984
40 "On the road"

Transcription: "Michizure" (Japanese: 道づれ)

21 October 1984
41 "Citizens of Turku"

Transcription: "Turuku no Hitobito" (Japanese: トゥルクの人々)

28 October 1984
42 "Picture book without pictures"

Transcription: "E no nai Ehon" (Japanese: 絵のない絵本)

4 November 1984
43 "Road a car!"

Transcription: "Jidōsha ni Notta!" (Japanese: 自動車に乗った!)

11 November 1984
44 "Obnoxious Girl"

Transcription: "Nikurashii Musume" (Japanese: にくらしい娘)

18 November 1984
45 "Tiresome day"

Transcription: "Tsukareta Ichinichi" (Japanese: 疲れた一日)

25 November 1984
46 "Beautiful thing"

Transcription: "Utsukushii Mono" (Japanese: 美しいもの)

2 December 1984
47 "Souvenir bag"

Transcription: "Omiyage no Randoseru" (Japanese: お土産のランドセル)

9 December 1984
48 "Ah! School Entrance"

Transcription: "Aa Nyūgaku" (Japanese: ああ入学)

16 December 1984
49 "Mother's return"

Transcription: "Okaasan no Kikoku" (Japanese: おかあさんの帰国)

23 December 1984

This series tells the story of 9 year-old Katri, a girl who lives on a farm in Finland with her grandparents. Katri's mother has been away in Germany for three years. The farm is not doing well, so to help support her family, she goes to work on a neighboring farm. Katri faces many struggles and challenges.


The show is called Nathalie in the Netherlands.