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Kidd Video is a Saturday-Morning animated TV series that ran from 1984 to 85. It was created by DIC Entertainment in association with Saban Entertainment. The title sequence was conducted in live action, with the acual show taking place in a cartoon world known as Flipside.


Kidd Video, and his band of the same name are kidnapped by main antagonist Master Blaster. They are transported to a cartoon reality known as Flipside, where Master Blaster reigns supreme. With the help of a fairy named Glitter they work to not only free the denziens of Flipside from Master Blaster, but also to escape his reality.


  • Ash  - The clumsy keyboardist of Kidd Video also plays bass and saxophone
  • Carla  - The drummer of Kidd Video -- and the only female in the group -- who often exclaims "Ay-Ay-Ay!"
  • Copycats - A trio of anthropomorphic cats that serve as Master Blaster's minions. They get their name because they always lip-synch to their songs. They consist of:
  • Cool Kitty - The leader of the Copycats.
  • Fat Cat - The overweight member of the Copycats.
  • She-Lion - The female member of the Copycats.
  • Glitter  - A fairy that befriends Kidd Video's band. She saved them from Master Blaster as seen in the intro, with her unique ability to temporarily gain enhanced strength when she sneezes.
  • Kidd Video - Lead singer and guitarist of Kidd Video.
  • Master Blaster - The primary villain of the series. He brought Kidd Video's band to the flipside to be his musical slaves until Glitter freed them.
  • Toolbot - A robotic toolbox that debuted in Season Two. He is the Whiz' pet.
  • Whiz - The nerdy guitar and keyboard player of Kidd Video.


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Live action band Kidd Video, who also provided the voice talent, was created for the show, and produced albums, and music videos. These videos became popular in Isreal which then produced fan merchandise such as coloring books, and chocolate bars with images of the band.