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Loonatics Unleashed is an American animated TV show produced by Warner Bros. Animation which aired two seasons from September 17, 2005 till the 5th of May 2007. The show starts out in the year 2772 till episode 6 where in a year has passed since a meteor struck the planet city of Acmetropolis. The meteor is responsible for the super powers of the main characters who are based on such Loony-Tune characters as Bugs, Daffy, Taz, etc. These characters are part of the Loonatics, a team of superheros tasked with keeping the planet safe.

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In the year 2772 a meteor strikes the planet city of Acmetropolis knocking it slightly off it's axis. The energy put out by this meteor grants some citizens super powers. Six of them are brought together as 'The Loonatics' by the mysterious Zadavia to keep the planet safe from threats. The first season is praised for balancing a dark setting with slight humor that doesn't distract from the superhero drama and narrative. The second season however took a lighter tone upping the comedy while diminishing the action and drama.

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The show takes place in the 28th century (2772 and 2773) on the city planet of Acmetropolis. The planet's currency is minted in the form of ring shaped Quasar Linium coins (S1E8). The City Planet has a Mayor as it's executive (S1E6) and the Acme Science Council seems to hold a great deal of authority on the planet. Unlike previous incarnations of the ACME Corporation in other Loony-Tune productions the council is infact highly ethical having dispelled some of it's members on ethical grounds. Basherball is a popular sport with the home team being the 'ACME Rangers'. Basherball is played on hover bikes with two teams attempting to score goals by 'gazooking' a ball into a rotating ring goal. Wrestling is also a sport though not as popular. The population is largely Human with a minority consisting of none humans resembling terrestrial wildlife. In the year 2772 a meteor struck the planet throwing it off it's axis and causing interdimensional portals to open and some citizens to obtain super powers.

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