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Mighty Max is an action/sci-fi series produced by Film Roman in 1993 to promote the Mighty Max toyline of Bluebird Toys. The show ran two seasons from September 12, 1993 to December 2, 1994 airing 40 twenty-one minute episodes.


Max is an adventurous preteen who aquires a cap that allows inter-dimensional travel. He is prophisised to defeat the main antagonist Skullsmasher, though he will need the help of a schoalery birdman (Virgil), and immortal warrior (Norman) to do so.

Main Characters[]

  • Max - Max is the protagonist of the series: a rambunctious preteen empowered, through a series of adventures, to protect the signature cap that enables travel through various realities. Max sometimes claims reluctance to retain this rôle; but Virgil, and the cap leave him with little choice.
  • Norman
  • Virgil -  Virgil, a birdlike humanoid, is the last living Lemurian, and Max's mentor. He is over ten thousand years old, and knowledgeable of both past and future; but often frustrated by Max's carefree ways and frequently reminded of having mentored Skullmaster, the later destroyer of his people.


Educational Epilogue[]




Many audiences felt the shows dipiction, and discription of violent acts was excessive. Most episodes would begin with the feature monster killing a victim (or victims). The series finale also managed to kill two of the main characters forcing Max to face Skullsmasher alone. The emotions associated with such is often seen as too much for the targeted preteen audience.

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