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Moral Orel

Moral Orel


Moral Orel takes place in a fictional midwestern state's capital. The community seeks to live good Christian lives but every character is very deeply flawed. The comedy is largely derived from satire of various Christian family dramas from the 1960s. The drama largely from the aforementioned flaws with characters hitting deep lows that progressively get lower as the series progresses towards some critical climax that is never reached as the show was cancelled after attempting to address topics that where considered too far at the time of the series production. Moral's father serves as a kind of overarching villain due to his flaws, though one that still in his own way wants what's best for Moral. Most character's have moral ups and downs as they struggle against their own flaws and none fully recover from those lows.


Every episode follows a formula that is consistent in all save the multipart narratives. That being that Morel learns a moral lesson, takes the lesson too far, and is then given a worse moral by his father.

Notes on the Setting[]


Moral Orel is a stop-motion production with an animation style inspired by such clay-mation works as Rudolf the Red Nosed Reindeer.


Morel Orel was cancelled after an episode attempted to explore both abortion and rape. The episode has one of the character's forced upon by another, and the victim reaching a sexual zenith during the experience while the perpetrator is imprisoned. When word gets out in the community that the victim reached this sexual zenith the characters around her begin to claim that she liked it and thus it wasn't rape. Meanwhile she's still dealing with the fact that she really did trust and like the guy- which is how he caught her off guard- and the treatment by her peers leads her to carry out an at home abortion. Unknown to anyone she had become pregnant from the encounter and after believing she's terminated the pregnancy hears on the news that the man killed himself in prison. This sends her into a deeper mental turmoil as she was willing to forgive him. The episode was ill received and the show taken out of production. The production team stated during the backlash that the next episodes would of revealed that she had actually been pregnant with twins and she decides upon learning such to carry the child to term which would of allowed the series to explore matters pertaining to woman who have made such a choice after rape.

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