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Nikté is a 2009 mexican comedy-adventure animated movie produced by Animex Producciones released on December 18 and he has a running time of 93 minutes. It was directed by Ricatdo Arnaiz and it was distributed by Universal Pictures.


The movie tells us the story about a young Mayan girl called Nikté who dreams to become a princess and once his dream is fulfilled she must now fulfill his tasks and responsibilities, saving his people from an imminent catastrophe, thus leaving him a very important lesson.


  • Sherlyn González as Nikté
  • Pierre Angelo as Chin
  • Ro Velázuez as Tanké
  • Pedro Armendáriz as Ka's
  • Regina Torné as Metztli
  • Regina Orozco as In-aesú
  • Silverio Palacios as Jefe Chaneke
  • Alex Lora as Chamán Chaneke
  • Eduardo Manzano as Kan and Kun
  • Jorge Arvizu "El Tata" as Guardian de la Roca
  • Humbeto Moreno as Kin and Arnold Chanekenegger
  • Mauricio Roldan as Paal
  • Maya Zapata as Xtabay
  • Jorge Alejandro as El Choco Tabasqueño
  • Enrique Garay as Kikeh Garaytl
  • Grecia Villar as Nih Nah