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One stormy night

One Stormy Night: Secret Friends aka One Stormy Night is a Japanese CGI animated children's series based on books by Yuichi Kimura.


During a terrible storm a goat, Mei, takes refuge in an abandoned hut. With a cold in her nose and wet fur she settles in alone. Until the door opens again. Gabu, a wolf, also took shelter in the hut. Neither could see nor smell the other and where both happy to no longer have to sit the storm out alone. The two talked and found they enjoyed each other's company. As the storm cleared they agreed to meet back at the hut for lunch the next day. They decided that they'd recognize each other by a password; One Stormy Night. It was only then that the two learned what the other was and needed to decide what to do with their friendship.


The show aired one season of 26 almost half hour long episodes.

Broadcast Order[]

  1. One Stormy Night - Mei the goat and Gabu the wolf take shelter from a storm in an abandoned hut and form an unlikely friendship.
  2. Gabu, the Liar - Both Gabu and Mei have decided to keep their friendship a secret and that has required both of them to be dishonest with their communities. After a little goat Mei considers a sister (Mii) gets ill she needs a fever reducing herb found on the top of Mount Giza Giza in wolf territory. Gabu who's boasted of climbing the mountain many times insists to Mei that he should get it so she's not in danger. The climb proves hazardous as Gabu has not actually climbed it many times.
  3. The Boss - Gabu is lectured by the Alpha (Giro) and Omega (Barii) of the pack for withholding himself during a hunt. When he and Mei meet up again he doesn't want to tell her how their friendship is impacting him and she mistakes his words as indicating that he's the next Alpha. Latter, when Giro gets on Mei's trail Gabu must out run him to save his friend.
  4. Playing Wolf and Goat - Gabu expresses that wolves can eat berries but while doing so with Mei he ends up giving her his and expressing that he likes meat better. Mei expresses that she figured as much given how he looks at her sometimes and he tries to move away from the topic and then to express that Mei needs to see herself in his place to understand. Mei takes this to a level he didn't expect by having them play wolf and goat with her as the wolf and in doing so reveals what goats think of a typical wolf.
  5. Friends' Song - Two child Swallows observe Gabu and Mei as friends and begin to sing about them. As the Swallows have a reputation for honest news Gabu and Mei realize they could be exposed. The two begin to chase the birds before the song can spread. They split up in their search so as not to be seen together. Mei soon thinks that Gabu will eat the swallows and makes up her mind to find them first.
  6. Secret Hideaway - The two decide to find a new place to meet at and devised a means to send messages to one another. However their new place is compromised very quickly and the two must again find a new meeting spot.
  7. May's Happiness - When the grandson, Kiru, of the Elder of the Black Goats comes with a gift to the Elder of Mei's herd all the ladies swoon for him. Mei slips away to meet with Gabu but is noticed leaving by Kiru who finds her looking for a four leaf clover. Kiru explains how such is a romantic offer where he is from and tells Mei she's very fortunate to have found someone. He helps her find one and this exchange is witnessed by Gabu who begins to feel that she'd be happier with goat friends rather than having to wander off to meet with him, and may have already found a new best friend as four leaf clovers where what they exchanged after that stormy night. [takes place prior to Secret Hideaway]
  8. Gabu's Surrounded - Mei sent a message to Gabu to meet her but had completely forgot about the annual field trip the three herds hold together. Gabu whose not eaten in three days finds himself surrounded by kids and struggles to keep his promise to Mei; that he wouldn't eat goats anymore.
  9. Run, Gabu! - When Giro's sister, Roro, gives birth a celebration is held at Bakubaku valley. Unfortunately for Gabu today was a meeting day with Mei and thus he decides that rather then choose one event over the other he'd run back and forth between them. This causes a variety of troubles.
  10. It's Not Easy Being Gabu - When Gabu tries to sneak away, Lala, the Omega's sister, thinks he's going off to meet a girl from another pack which upsets her as she's had an interest in him since they where pups. So she goes off to ask to accompany him. When he tells her she can't come with him she asks him to bring her back something. He promises to and she secretly follows. Seeing him playfully chasing Mei makes her think he's trying to bring her a whole goat as a gift as she loves goat meat. Their observation is noticed by Gabu who get's Mei to run for real until they loose Lala. After Gabu explains to Mei about his promise she helps him find some gifts for Lala, though Gabu knows Lala would want meat, he's not willing to hunt in front of Mei. Still, the fact that he seemed to have tried to get her something was enough for Lala's concerns to fade away. Seeing Lala wearing the flower Mei added to the gift causes him to send a thank you message to her.
  11. The Real Truth - The various hares, squirrels and other critters who have seen Mei and Gabu together begin to spread word around that a Goat and Wolf are friends. This leads the herd to worry that someone among them has betrayed them. The wolves on the other hand have had no luck hunting for the goats but the hunt is still making Gabu anxious. Meanwhile a lying monkey causes mischief to Goat and Wolf alike with his fibs and when he finds out about Mei and Gabu's secret friendship he tries to tell everyone but by then everyone's use to him lying. No one in either community believes he's telling the truth and everyone blames him for starting the rumor in the first place.
  12. The First Trip - Mei, Tap, Mii, and Moro decide to travel to the land of the Black Goats to see the baby goat there but to do so means going through a dangerous forest. Gabu having spotted them tries to help guide them out of the forest without being noticed as Tap gets them more and more lost. Gabu's attempts are further complicated by him being part of a hunting expedition and thus any time he's close enough to help the four goats are close enough to potentially be noticed by the other wolves.
  13. Mii is missing - Mii, who looks up to Mei, tried to follow her and got lost. Recognizing her Gabu tries to help her back home without her becoming aware of him though as she's sleeping this means carrying her close to home where she can be found.
  14. Granny's Friend - Mei's grandmother takes her to Mount Mesomeso to climb. To climb it is considered a right of passage by the community. Having done so Mei plans to return home but grandmother wants to visit Parapara Fields as she's expected there. In a cave she recounts to Mei her friendship with a black goat there. [NOTE: This episode chronologically takes place prior to Secret Hideaway and Friend's Song.]
  15. Teach Me Gabu - Gabu is assigned a pup, Boro, to mentor in the ways of the wolf. Boro has trouble understanding why Gabu doesn't hunt unless he's hungry.
  16. One Rainy Day - Gabu overhears Lala and others talking about relationships and how 'alright' is 'not liking it at all'. When Mei tells him that she and him are alright he starts to think that she doesn't like his company. So he asks Lala for advice on being better company and she takes it as him thinking about her and gives dating advice. The result of him following the advice is Mei feeling odd as Gabu isn't himself. Eventually, after Gabu has to tell a fib about catching and eating a goat to Barii and others who tracked him to where they where meeting so as to keep Mei hidden, she explains that what she meant by alright was that it feels natural to be with him. After ten days of rain, and ten days more of nonstop sun, Giro directs the pack to spots he knows of where prey tends to gather in times like these. Barii leads a group of Gabu, Boro, Beach, and Zack to such a spot. Which happens to be where along with other animals Mei's herd has gone to feed. Barii signals out the goats as the target of the pack. Gabu begins to worry, as he doesn't want Mei to become wolf food, though his concern diminishes a little at the sight of Mii as his long standing hunger influences him. He charges ahead of the pack towards Mii rationalizing in his starved mind that Mei probably won't notice causing the animals there to spot him and blow the ambush. Barii compensates for this set back by ordering the others to simply catch whatever comes by. Mii ends up outmaneuvering Gabu and Mei who had been in pursuit to stop him asks what he was doing and in an instant Gabu tackles her. With Mei pinned in tall bushes he regains his senses and answers that it was the only thing he could think of to get her away, and he had hopped Mei would too. He feels it's probably too late as the pack starts to regroup. Despite the proximity of the other wolves Gabu stays with Mei in the bushes hoping to stay until they leave. It's only because of a sudden rain that they do allowing Gabu to release Mei without drawing attention to them.
  17. The Cavern - Gabu and Mei get trapped in a cavern after falling into a hole while looking for a new meeting place. Gabu decides getting Mei out is more important as while Mei can feed on ferns by the underground Lake Gabu has nothing to eat... except her. When Mei decides that she can't leave him behind she starts looking for a way to get them both out.
  18. The Rainbow - Gabu told her he'd meet her at Kirakira Hill. Grandmother invites Mei to come see a rainbow with her at Kirakira Hill. Mei gets worried and Tap not knowing why she is makes fun of her which leads to Tap, Mei, Grandmother, and the rest of Mei's friends traveling to Kirkira Hill to see the rainbow. Meanwhile Gabu happily continues his trip to Kirakira Hill while unaware of what's going on.
  19. Bibi's Lost - After a young deer, Bibi, gets separated from the herd they meet Mei and ask for directions. Gabu meanwhile is worried about disappointing Giro again and feels a need to prove that he isn't a poor hunter. Mei tells Bibi to wait and goes off to meet with Gabu. Upon learning about the lost fawn Gabu starts to get some predatory ideas though still tries to be helpful and sympathetic to Mei's concerns. After Mei goes back to Bibi Gabu sets his mind on hunting the lost fawn to prove himself. He follows Mei to the fawn and stalks them as Mei does her best to keep the little fawn safe and support her emotionally. When he is spotted by Mei he signals her to just keep going and not to worry and then lies about his intentions. Leading Mei to believe that he's providing some extra security. When Bibi hears Gabu Mei assures her that it's nothing to worry about and she just needs to keep walking and not look back. Mei then slows down to read more signals from Gabu as he further expresses benign interest. Mei catches back up with Bibi and tells her it was just a bunny. Gabu takes a little breather, solidifying his mind as he wouldn't be breaking his promise to her and everything seems to be falling into place. However he springs his trap too early and nearly catches Bibi while Mei tries to stop him. She leaps upon him begins hitting him with her hooves crying about how she trusted him. Gabu then points to the herd of deer, Bibi having returned alright. He then makes up a story about such being his plan all along. Mei believes him and starts to cry over having thought he betrayed her trust. Knowing his real intent he tells her not to worry about and that he doesn't blame her... he is a big bad wolf after all. [Note: Takes place before Secret Hideaway and much of Gabu's character development.]
  20. Moving? - When the High Elder's back is hurt the community plans to move to grounds closer to hot springs. Mei and Gabu consider how to keep in touch as they will need a new place to write their messages. Somewhere they can both see.
  21. Traitor Wolf - Mei is attacked by a lone badly wounded Wolf and Gabu saves her. Not long after Barii on patrol encounters wolves from another territory who express that they are looking for a traitor. Gabu and Mei go back to help the wounded wolf, Jess, who tells Gabu what he did and why. Jess's friend had challenged their Alpha and was killed in the duel. Jess then attacked the Alpha from behind and was nearly killed himself. Because of this Jess is now being hunted. He doesn't see any reason to tell anyone about Gabu and Mei, he's just happy to have the strength to keep running.
  22. Gabu's Dream, May's Wish
  23. Wolves and Goats - May's secret is discovered.
  24. Each Other's Night - Gabu's secret is discovered.
  25. The Decision - With both communities wanting the other to take advantage of the friendship between them the two friends decide they can not betray the other's trust.
  26. The Path to Tomorrow - Booted from their communities, each seen as a traitor, Mei and Gabu begin a long trek to lands neither has ever heard of beyond the mountains. Giro himself leads wolves in pursuit of Gabu with the intent of killing him and devouring Mei in celebration. An Otter learns from Mei and Gabu what it means to be a friend.


One Stormy Night is produced by One Stormy Night LLD which is formed as a partnership with the author Yuichi Kimura. The series is directed by Tetsuro Amino. It's animated by Sparky Animation in Singapore in collaboration with Daume in Japan.

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