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Open Season

Open Season is a 2006 American computer-animated adventure comedy film, directed by Roger Allers and Jill Culton from a screenplay by Steve Bencich, Ron J. Friedman, and Nat Mauldin. The film stars the voices of Martin Lawrence, Ashton Kutcher, Gary Sinise, Debra Messing, Billy Connolly, Jon Favreau, Georgia Engel, Jane Krakowski, Gordon Tootoosis, and Patrick Warburton. Its plot follows Boog, a domesticated grizzly bear who teams up with an amnesiac one-antlered mule deer named Elliot and other woodland animals to defeat human hunters.

Open Season was produced by Sony Pictures Animation as its debut film, and was released to theaters by Columbia Pictures under Sony Pictures Releasing on September 29, 2006. It has also been released in the IMAX 3D format


In the small town of Timberline, a 900-pound (408 kg) grizzly bear named Boog enjoys a captive but luxurious existence and spends his days as the star attraction of the town's nature show, while at night living in the garage of park ranger Beth, who has raised Boog since he was a cub. One day, the cold-hearted hunting fanatic Shaw drives into Timberline with a one-antlered mule deer named Elliot strapped to the hood of his truck, who is unconscious after Shaw purposefully ran him over. When Boog meets him, Elliot begs Boog to cut him free before he gets mounted on a wall and Boog does so. Due to Boog casually calling him "buddy" as he leaves, Elliot becomes convinced that they are now friends. Later that night, Elliot finds Boog sleeping comfortably in the garage, telling Boog to be "free" from his garage captivity and introducing him to sweet temptations he has never known. When Boog becomes sick from eating too many candy bars, events quickly spiral out of control, as the two raid a convenience store. Elliot escapes before Boog is caught by Beth's friend Gordy, the local sheriff in town.

At the nature show the next morning, Elliot (who is being chased by Shaw) finds Boog and goes to him for help, but Boog wants nothing to do with him after their last encounter and tries to get rid of him. The audience mistakes him for attacking Elliot and they go into a panic. Shaw tries to shoot Boog and Elliot, but Beth shoots both animals with a tranquilizer gun just before Shaw fires his own gun; Shaw flees before Gordy can arrest him. Realizing that Boog is too threatening in the town, Beth relocates him and Elliot into the Timberline National Forest, only two days before open season starts, but they are relocated above the waterfalls, where they will be legally safe from hunters.

Since he lacks any outdoor survival skills, Boog reluctantly takes Elliot as his unreliable guide to get him back home to Timberline to reunite with Beth. Boog encounters a lot of forest animals that are very unwelcoming towards him, including skunks Maria and Rosie, ducks Serge and Deni, various unnamed panic-stricken rabbits, the Scottish-accented squirrel McSquizzy and his loyal gang of fellow acorn-throwing squirrels, beaver Reilly and his construction worker team, a porcupine named Buddy who is in search of a friend, and a herd of deer led by Ian and Giselle, a doe that Elliot is in love with. It's then revealed that Ian banished Elliot from the herd for being a loser. Eventually, Boog learns about self-reliance and Elliot gains self-confidence, and they start to bond.

The next day, however, it is revealed that Elliot has absolutely no idea where they are going and has been leading Boog in a big circle. After accidentally collapsing Reilly's dam and causing a flash flood, Boog and Elliot are confronted by Shaw. They end up in a waterfall, which sends the animals and Shaw plummeting down into the hunting grounds. After recovering from the flood, at first all the animals are furious at Boog for pushing them into the hunting ground, but then he accuses Elliot of lying to him about knowing where Timberline is. Elliot admits that he just wanted Boog to stay with him in hopes that he would finally have a real friend. Boog angrily storms off, but unwittingly ends up in Shaw's log cabin, where he is discovered by Shaw. Boog manages to escape before Shaw can shoot him, when he ends up on a nearby road where Boog happens upon the glowing lights of Timberline. Instead of deserting the animals, Boog reconciles with Elliot and helps the animals defend themselves, while befriending them in the process, using supplies taken from an RV owned by a caring married couple named Bob and Bobbie, who are looking for Bigfoot, while their pet dachshund Mr. Weenie joins the forest animals.

The next day, Boog leads a revolution against the hunters, causing the hunters to retreat in defeat after McSquizzy blows up their trucks with a propane tank ignited by using an emergency flare. Shaw returns for a final showdown and seemingly kills Elliot by gun-shot, prompting Boog to furiously confront Shaw and quickly overpower him by tying him up with his own gun. Boog rushes to Elliot, who survived but his remaining antler is broken off by the shot. The forest animals thank Boog for his help and then proceed to take out their vengeance on Shaw by smothering him with honey and pillow feathers and sending him fleeing into the woods. Beth later returns in a helicopter to take Boog back home. Realizing how the experience has changed him, Boog decides to stay in the forest with Beth's blessing.

In a mid-credits scene, while crossing the street, Shaw suddenly gets struck by Bob and Bobbie, who humorously mistake him for Bigfoot and strap him on top of their trailer. Unable to escape, Shaw shouts in fear as the camera zooms into his mouth and the rest of the credits appear.





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