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Otogi Manga Calendar screen shot

Otogi Manga Calendar (Japanese: おとぎマンガカレンダー Otogi Manga Calendar) is the first televised work of Japanese animation. This series which ran on TBS TV from June 25, 1962 to July 4, 1964 is a monochrome documary series on historical events. The series ran two seasons numbering in a total of 52 episodes


The show was about historical events through a character who was not aware of "what happened on this day in history". Sometimes photographs and film footages were mixed in with the animations to explain what historical event had taken place. The research archives came from the Mainichi Shinbun newspaper where the director's Fuku-chan manga was printing at the time.



Broadcast History[]

TBS TV (June 25, 1962 to July 4, 1964)