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Pac-Man and the Ghostly Adventures is currently ongoing computer animated American/Japanese/Canadian tv show that began it's run in 2013.


Pac (Pac-Man) is a prep school student, an orphan, and resident of the Maze Prep School Male Dormitory. He's not generally liked due to his large appetite and in the case of at least one student for standing out due to his yellow color. While receiving a lesson regarding the Ghost War the teacher discovers that like most Pac-Worlders her students, save Pac-Man don't believe in ghosts. After a scuffle with one of his fellow students over food in the cafeteria (of which Pac-Man has consumed all) Pac runs into the Maze of which the town of Maze is named. There he accidentally opens the doors to the Netherworld where its leader Betrayus unleashes Ghosts upon Pac-World. Pac soon learns that he has power to combat these Ghosts, that he is the last of the Yellow Ones, Savior of Pac-manity, and makes a deal with four Ghosts (Blinky, Clyde, Inky, and Pinky). Armed with powerful berries from the Tree of Life Pac-Man works to keep Betrayus, who had in life led a rebellion against the old order of Pac-World, from obtaining his body again or capturing the Tree of Life.


Pac-Man and the Ghostly Adventures is based on an original story by Avi Arad of 41Entertainment and was announced in 2010 as being in production. A pilot three-minute episode was created in 2011 with most channels rejecting the series. It was approved by DisneyXD and began to air on that channel and began to air on January 5, 2013.




The show was not initially well received in concept, but for most the background presented in the two part episode "The Adventure Begins" was enough to keep interest even while other aspects where considered strange. Others, who had little exposure to Pac-Man media where quicker to obtain an interest in the show. For older viewers the settings background complexity is a factor that draws them in though attempts early in the series run (S1E19 for example) to diminish elements such as genocide and ethnocracy from that background dissuaded a number of them from continuing to view the show though for others it's remained a guilty pleasure.

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