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Paw Patrol The Movie

PAW Patrol: The Movie is a 2021 Canadian computer-animated action-adventure comedy film based on the television series PAW Patrol created by Keith Chapman. The film was produced by Spin Master Entertainment, the toy company behind the series, with animation provided by Mikros Image, and released by Paramount Pictures and Nickelodeon Movies. It is directed by Cal Brunker, who co-wrote the screenplay with Billy Frolick and Bob Barlen from a story by Frolick. The film was the first of several planned films produced under the Spin Master Entertainment banner. Several cast members from the original series reprised their roles, including Kingsley Marshall (voicing Marshall), Keegan Hedley (voicing Rubble), Shayle Simons (voicing Zuma), Lilly Bartlam (voicing Skye) and Ron Pardo (voicing both Cap'n Turbot and Mayor Humdinger). They are joined by newcomers Iain Armitage, Marsai Martin, Yara Shahidi, Kim Kardashian, Randall Park, Dax Shepard, Tyler Perry, with Jimmy Kimmel, and introducing Will Brisbin as Ryder. In the film, Ryder and the pups are called to Adventure City to stop the recently-elected Mayor Humdinger from turning the bustling metropolis into a state of chaos to face the challenge in order to save the citizens of Adventure City.

Development began in February 2020, with Brunker attached to direct. The film was produced almost entirely in Canada; according to Brunker, "95 percent of everything" happened in Canada, with the exception being some audio recording.

PAW Patrol: The Movie premiered at the Vue Leicester Square in London on August 8, 2021. It was theatrically released in the United Kingdom and Ireland one day later before it was released in both Canada and the United States on August 20, 2021. It was also made available on Paramount+ on the same day.


In Adventure Bay, a truck driver named Gus crashes and hangs over the town's suspension bridge. Cap'n Turbot comes across the scene and calls Ryder, who sends the PAW Patrol pups, Marshall, Rubble, Chase, Rocky, Zuma, and Skye, into action. Chase saves the truck driver.

Meanwhile in nearby Adventure City, the PAW Patrol's archenemy Mayor Humdinger had recently been elected mayor (although it was later revealed he was the only candidate on the ballot). Knowing of Humdinger's infamous wrongdoings from Foggy Bottom, a dachshund named Liberty calls the team and begs them to come to Adventure City to help keep the people safe from Mayor Humdinger. However, Chase refuses to go due to him having a bad "history" in Adventure City when he was young. Ryder convinces him to go back while Chase reluctantly gives him his trust. The team arrives and gets settled into their new headquarters.

Meanwhile, Humdinger uses a device called a Cloud Catcher to clear up the weather so he can do his firework show. The show goes haywire and the team is alerted. They rush straight into a traffic jam, but Liberty arrives and guides them through alleyways and back streets to get to City Hall. They manage to take care of the situation, but Chase fails to save some people who are then rescued by Marshall instead. An infuriated Humdinger tells his henchmen Butch and Ruben to get rid of the PAW Patrol by any means necessary. That night, Chase can't sleep and keeps dwelling over his mistake, while the next morning Liberty reveals in her first time helping her heroes.

The next day, Humdinger builds an extension to the subway line with several inversions similar to a roller coaster. It breaks and traps the passengers upside-down. The pups race to rescue them, but Chase freezes when his fear gets the best of him. Marshall manages to get the people down with his ladder while Skye goes to rescue Chase from the rooftop. Ryder suggests Chase should take a break from his duties, but this greatly hurts him and causes him to run away out of heartbreak after accusing Ryder of breaking his trust and giving up on him when things get difficult. Chase gets captured by Butch and Ruben and is taken to an obedience school-turned-dog pound where he meets snooty valley girl poodle Delores. While searching for Chase, Liberty and Ryder discovers that numerous dogs have gone missing and Ryder links them to Humdinger. Liberty gets captured on purpose and is taken to the dog jail where she rescues Chase and the other dogs who then chase Ruben and Butch.

On the way back to HQ, Ryder takes Chase to the street crossing where he saved his life. Ryder told Chase that he chose to save him, not out of pity, but because he was the bravest dog he ever met. Chase's collar is returned to him, and he declares that he will resume his duties. Meanwhile, the Cloud Catcher has gone critical and it's creator Kendra Wilson confronts Humdinger. He destroys the remote and reveals his building called Humdinger Heights. The machine unleashes a week worth of bad weather. Kendra calls the team and Liberty is given her own vehicle and uniform, temporarily joining the team. The team drives to Humdinger Heights and forcing them to improvise. Chase managed to save the civilians, Marshall, Rubble, and Rocky worked to keep the civilians inside the building, Zuma and Liberty go to the canals to save a family, and Skye flies to the air to stop the Cloud Catcher.

Ryder takes the elevator to the top office and saves Humdinger by forcing him on an elevator and dropping him faster to the ground floor. He resorts to rappelling down the elevator shaft, but the storm destroys the tower and he is trapped in the building when it falls down. Chase drives up to save him and sees Ryder's light from the other side of the building. About to run to the other side, his pup pack malfunctions and he barked for it to be removed. Feeling like he can be brave while remembering Ryder's words, Chase takes a leap of faith and get to the other side, Chase sees Ryder pinned under the debris and works with him to get him free. After that, they share a moment and later leave the building while Skye destroys the Cloud Catcher in a kamikaze style attack, ejecting from her plane before it crashes and flying back down to the city.

After this the skies are clear again and sunny, Ryder and Chase get out of the building and the pups are relieved to see them safe. Ryder is proud of his team and the citizens emerged from the building congratulating them for a job well done, but Mayor Humdinger tried to escape. Still using his bravery, Chase puts Humdinger under arrest for the trouble he has caused to the city ("gross negligence, public endangerment, and dognapping"). Humdinger said that the pups will never arrest him because he is the mayor. He tries to run away as fast as possible, but Skye uses her mini drone to stop him. Mayor Humdinger is angry at the PAW Patrol, having humiliated him five times in one day.

The team is given the key to Adventure City in a major ceremony. Liberty becomes an official member, finally fulfilling her aspirations of doing so, and is given her own collar and pup tag. Ryder begins to make a speech, but he is interrupted by a call from Harris, one of the dogs from the dog jail, saying there is trouble at the waterfront. The PAW Patrol then drive to the rescue.

During the credits, Mayor Humdinger and the Catastrophe Crew are shown to have been apprehended by the police and detained for their crimes while being removed from office.





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