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Ranzi aka Ransie, Ranzee, Ranze, or Tokimeki Tonight is a 1982 romantic comedy series created by Group TAC which aired one season of 33 episodes on Tokimeki Tonight with the run ending sometime in October of that year. The series received it's greatest popularity around the Gulf Area of the Middle East where it's been praised as the 'greatest anime ever'.


Ranzi Eto (Ransie Lupescu in the Italian release) seems like your normal everyday teen, but looks are deceiving. Ranzi is actually the daughter of a Werewolf, and Vampire who come from another realm. Both had been banished partially due to their relationship, and must guard the gate between our world, and their realm. Due to her heritage Ranzi has a unique power of her own, the ability to become anything (object or person) she bites. The down side to this power is that she can only return to her natural form by sneezing. On her first day of school Ranzi encounters, and gains a romantic interest in a bash yet handsome athlete Shun Makabe (Paul Capo in the Italian release). The main conflict comes from her rivalry with the the pretty yet spiteful Yuko Kamiya (Lisa Thompson in the Italian release), the daughter of a Yakuza (Mafia in the Italian release) boss, who is also interested in the affection of Shun. However the most pressing of issues is that Ranzi's parents forbid her from dating a simple human as she's been engaged to someone in the Demon realm she's never met.


The series was created by Group TAC and the show based on the manga 'Tokimeki Tonight'. The manga had ended without concluding the story and the producers, creating the anime after the manga discontinued, had to devise an original ending.



The anime consists of 34 episodes.

Intro (Arabic)


  1. Ranze Eto's Secret (October 7, 1982)
  2. Door to The Demon World (October 14, 1982)
  3. Bathroom Crisis (October 21, 1982)
  4. A Small Friendship (October 28, 1982)
  5. Ranze goes to the Demon World (November 4, 1982)
  6. Foggy Night Romance (November 11, 1982)
  7. Beware the Cultural Festival (November 18, 1982)
  8. Love, Camera, Action (November 25, 1982)
  9. Tamasaburo's Love (December 2, 1982)
  10. The Invisible Girl, Miel (December 9, 1982)
  11. Birthday of the Full Moon (December 16, 1982)
  12. Eh?? Ranze's Wish (December 23, 1982)
  13. White Sweethearts (January 6, 1983)
  14. I saw it!! Ranze is a Tanuki! (January 13, 1983)
  15. Sorry for the Nudity (January 20, 1983)
  16. Love of The Young Runner (January 27, 1983)
  17. Fickle Magic Teacher (February 3, 1983)
  18. Title Match of Love (February 10, 1983)
  19. The Sentimental Giant (February 17, 1983)
  20. Chaos! Too many Ranzes! (February 24, 1983)
  21. Love Letter from E.T. (March 3, 1983)
  22. Panic! Pajama Game (March 10, 1983)
  23. Sand's Love Story (March 17, 1983)
  24. Ardent Love! Great War in the Demon World (March 24, 1983)
  25. The Transformation is seen! Shun must die (March 31, 1983)
  26. Execution Battleship! Space Wars (April 28, 1983)
  27. Clash! Rocky VS Shun (May 5, 1983)
  28. Stretching Angel, Hunter of Love (May 19, 1983)
  29. Shock! Future Encounter (June 9, 1983)
  30. The Prince's Order of Assassination (June 16, 1983)
  31. The Migratory Bird Returns (June 23, 1983)
  32. Venture! Island of Sweethearts (July 7, 1983)
  33. Tokimeki Folklore Comic (July 28, 1983)
  34. I Love you! I Love you! Love Triangle! (September 22, 1983)


  1. Il Segreto di Ransie
  2. La Porta Proibita
  3. A Casa di Paul


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