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"Rejected" by Don Hertzfeldt.


A frame from the short film.

"Rejected" is an award-winning animated short film created by Don Hertzfeldt. It was nominated in 2000 for an Academy Award for Best Animated Short Film during the 73rd Academy Awards. It has received 27 awards from global film festivals. It was created in the traditional animation style, like most of Hertzfeldt's films, using only a camera, pen and paper, nothing from this film was made digitally or fixed digitally. 


The story, which is fictional, tells about how Don was commisioned to create animation segments for commercials and TV spots in which were all rejected. A reel of rejected advertisement work follows. After, it is said that Don was also commissioned to create more animated segments for the Family Learning Channel and the Johnson & Mills Corporation, which were, much like his other animated segments, rejected as well. After this, Don starts to work on advertising work and his own animations with his left hand. Finally, the rejected work begins to run out of control, with the animated world of Don starting to fall apart, and Don having a mental breakdown. A random character with bunny ears begins to see the animated world fall apart, which kills every character Don has made. The film ends with the character screaming as the entire world collapses.  


The final character looking at the chaos unfolding.


Everything except editing in the movie was done by Don. Editing was done by Rebecca Moline, and the other voices except Don's were done by Robert May and Jennifer Nyholm.


Rejected has receieved 27 awards from global film festivals and an Academy Award for Best Animated Short.


  • In reality, Don denies all advertisement work. He thinks advertisements lie, and does not want to lie to his audience.
  • This was his first short film shot with a 35mm camera, which he had used from 1999 to 2011.
  • A deleted scene, which is an advertisement for cotton swabs by the Johnson & Mills Corporation, is available on the DVD. It is about a dad who wonders about his son's burning desire to drink blood from goats.